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Sod's law.......... Help !!!

Hi guys, need some advice although I know already what I need to do. Don't post much as work hectic and 2 year old at home. However, read the forums when I can and am inspired by you all. Spring to mind is Nicki (wow 8 stone!), Julz (you looked fab at wedding), Fat to thin, Cankster, Vicky; there are loads but you have all done amazing and the banter between every-one is so great to see. I would have caved in loads of times if it wasn't for coming on here.

Anyway my problem..... I am into my 4th week having lost 16 pounds so far and feel fab for but a girls night out has been arranged for Saturday night. We do it every few months and lo and behold here it is. No-one knows I am on this as just haven't said, no particular reason and I would rather leave it that way (apart from my hubby and sisters and some work colleagues). Trouble is they are all so pursuasive and if I say I am driving I will be classed a bore or they'll all assume I am in the family way as I just don't do driving when I go out!!! The antibiotic one wouldn't wash with them either as I have been on them before and had a few drinks. Woops..... I know.... but what can I say, apart from coming clean ??? Must admit it will be nice to watch every-one else get hammered while I sip my sparkling water...oh who am I trying to kid, I would love to go on the lash with them..... All in time though, all in time, in moderation from now on......

Really need to suss this ticker & signature thing out.....
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Hi Trish Mc
Well done on 4 weeks!
I would come clean with them. Their support will be appreciated and they will be able to see that you have lost well over a stone already.


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I think you'd feel under a lot of pressure to cave in if you went. If you're sure you can stick with it, go, but you'd most likey have to let them know what you're up to. The other option is not to go this time. I had to skip a couple of events this week with work colleagues -didn't fancy explaining to all... But I've been to several events and meals with family & close friends where I've told them what I'm doing and they're totally supportive.
Hmmm a tough one - but a night in the lash plus whatever food that entails could add the pounds and set you back a week in ketosis - it's just not worth it in my opinion - go, drive, drink the water - you can still get down and boogey and the diet doesn't stop you laughing !!!!- good luck whatever you choose xx
I definitely wouldn't cave in. Jeez, if I got passed week one there is no way I'd give in now. Going away in 8 weeks so not got time to come out of ketosis and have to get back on again........def no,no.

Gonna come clean and drive!! Actually some of them will be glad of a lift I am sure!!
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Good for you Trish. I went for a girlie night out 4 weeks in but fortunately one of my friends was on LL at the time. We knew about each other but no-one else did. We went bowling and stuck to water. We were both driving and no-one commented on our choice of drink.

I have another girlie night with them in 2 weeks but shall stick to water again. It will be about 14 weeks since I saw some of them so hoping they will notice the difference!

I would drive hun cos my mates know I dont ever drink anythng when I drive. They will be glad you did come home time! x
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It certainly is entertaining watching others get tiddly when you are sober. My sister and her friend had a couple of drinks before we went to the pictures then another glass while we were there so she got pretty tiddly, not a problem but we went to the pictures in Didsbury and I had no idea how to get home or where her friend lived so it made the journey home "interesting"!!!!!!!!

Thankfully we made it home!

thanks every-one for all your wise and supportive comments.

Cuddle Fairy; I go to the pics in Didsbury as live just near. Are you far from there?

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