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Solo Slim Syn Struggle

I'm so frustrated

I re-joined Slimming World last night after a break!

During that break I ordered 28 days of Rosemary Conley's solo slim meals! They are so tasty and the thought of not having to cook most meals for a month was amazing!

Then I got a text from my Slimming World leader and I miss her sooo much AND my group( the smiles. the certificates, the raffle, the SOTW) ...I need an encouraging group..... so I re joined!

Now I have two weeks worth of beautifully cooked meals that all have a syn value and a price tag that has already been paid!

I suppose I am just going to have incorporate them into my 10 syn a day limit that way I still have a chance of being 100% on slimming world

OHHHHH I could have ONE a day add loads of veg to make a Extra Easy Meal and make them last even longer!

I think I have just written myself out of a struggle :8855::8855:
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I don't know anyone that would want to buy them and the delivery to send them on would hefty
Doesn't RC work on less than 3% fat? The syn values wont be that bad I imagine but you will need to know the nutritional info so you can work them out on the syn calculator :)
I tried working them out on the syn calculator but the bit where it asks what free food it contains will only let you choose one ingredient per red and green so its not very accurate but like Rochelle says it won't be that bad and I have my 5 - 15 syns a day so cutting down on my usual syns should accommodate for any non SW friendly syns ... and yes Patchwork Puss it is all virtually no fat :)
I thought it was the first item listed on the ingredients list that you put in as the "free food allowance", if it is indeed free.
Thanks for this I'll try this when I get home...I just want to lose weeeeeeeight

You look fantastic BTW welll done and Marmaris is ammmmmmazing
WOW I just used the calculator by putting in the first ingredient under extra easy and the three bean casserole is FREE! I'm so happy! I tried the Chili and rice and its 4.5 syns! I can make a free version but at least I know i don't have to waste them! I'll check the rest when I get home and list the syn values incase anyone else gets in the same muddle :)

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