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Some B****** has just smashed into my car!!


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I was stopped at traffic lights and he reversed (in his big Isuzu trooper!) right across the road into the side of me!!:eek::mad::eek::mad:
Stupid Arghhhh......
Me and my 4yr old were okay, a little shook up, but fine. Car needs a whole new wing though...his carelessness (damn stupidity!) will cost him!!!

My WI better be good in the morning...:cry::cry::cry:
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hi Irish mum,
Glad to hear you and your son are ok, albeit shook I'd imagine. So glad you walked out of that one. Hope it doesn't put the small fellow off getting back in the car.
As for the weigh in tomorrow, you will be fine. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Take it easy now.


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OMG IrishMum i am so glad to hear you and your 4yr old are both ok, apart from being shook up :eek:

Don't really know what to say (well not that I can write on here :p lol) but some idiots shouldn't be allowed on the roads! I hope he admitted the blame on the spot and you have a witness or two :)

Try to calm down and relax at least it is only material things that have been damaged.

Good luck with your WI in the morning hun here's a:grouphugg:to help you feel better xxx


Oh my god!!! :eek: So sorry to hear that! but thrilled to hear you and your little'un are ok.

i'm sure your weigh in will be fine hun, hope it gets fixed quickly.



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ahhh irish mum!! :( glad you and your son are both ok!

I just had a dilemma with my car - driving out of sainsburys car park and my driver door just flew open whislt driving!!!!! luckily i was driving at just 10mph as opposed to 40mph on the road outside sainsburys! Pretty scary! I couldnt close it .... just had to take it to my mechanic ... all i need!! :(


A little of everything!
Thanks everyone- off to the Gardai to report it. Grrrrr......

(ps- it was my wee girl! She's grand though, even had a snooze on the way home!LOL!)
Hi IrishMum
OMG I`m so sorry to hear that but thank God you and your little girl are OK . He was a silly sod little boy racer comes to mind . Good luck and take care .
Phew! You are both O.K., thats the main thing. Best of luck on your WI tomorrow.....bet the news will soon have you grinning again!


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Thanks everyone- off to the Gardai to report it. Grrrrr......

(ps- it was my wee girl! She's grand though, even had a snooze on the way home!LOL!)
:giggle: kids hey! lol nothing phases them!


Here we go again!
Glad you're both OK. How was he with you after he hit you? He wasn't aggressive or anything was he? Make him pay!!!


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Sorry to hear about this - apart from all the shock and upset it's so damned inconvenient having to sort everything out!

Kids are sooo resilient, I'm sure your daughter won't suffer any ill effects.

Good luck for your WI! x


A little of everything!
He was actually really nice, and nearly had a stroke when he spotted her sitting in the back. Then he noticed the (empty) baby seat and panicked- "had you a baby there too, is it okay, where is it?!?!" I reassured him the baby was at home, good job too as he hit her side! He gave me all his details & showed me ID so hopefully the quotes from the garages won't make him leave the country?
Plus, when I got home, my Hubby said he'd been on the phone apologising again for the accident and upsetting me! Awww..hope it's wasn't to lull us into a false sense of security...? :p
Thanks for all your good wishes, I was a little shook (never had an accident before and didn't know what I was at!) and they helped calm me a bit? :thankyou:
Plus...I had good news this morning, but it deserves a new 'happy' thread of it's own! LOL!:bunnydance:

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