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Some bug**r has.........

left an opened packet of kit -kats next to my desk and buggered off............why do people do this, the person in question knows im not eating rubbish, yet left them there , knowing theres more or less only me in the office and then dissapeared.

tomorrow i shall bring shellfish and staple it to the bottom of their desk
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lmaoooooo I love it :D do it! make their desk stink!

Determined Bunny

A Very Determined Bunny!!
Now that when you need the will power to kick in!!! :D:17729:

Kippers are better.


melt the KK in microwave. OPEN VERY CAREFULLY AND ADD TOUCH CHILLI. Put in fridge to harden and replace very sweetly on the owners desk.
Take off your shoe, hold it firmly in your hand, and bash those nasty KitKats into smithereens.

Then dump the remains in the bin.

You can't eat something you have hit with your shoe, you will have to throw it away. And all that bashing will get out all that anger at the person who left them there!!
I prefer to leave a bag of Thorntons diabetic chocolates open on my desk - then when the burgers nick them (and deny it vehemently) the extra farty bottoms and panicky trips to the loo make a sweet revenge!
What naughty ladies we are !!!! but what fun.:8855:
What naughty ladies we are !!!! but what fun.:8855:
i iz not a lady !!

ive tried stapling shellfish to the desk, but tehy kept wriggling, so ive taped them underneath with parcel tape, now i just have to wait for them to die and my fiendish plan will be complete !!, it does help that im moving from this office today so wont have to witness the results.

ps dont try to staple king prawns to desks unless youve got a really good stapler, electric one probably best, alternatively some small nails and a hammer/shoe heel will probably suffice.

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