Someone is bound to have asked this before, but...


Sliced and diced!!!
Is there anyone here who did/does weight 28 stone or so?

If so, if you have reached goal or you have been on SS for 4 months or so, could you give me an idea as to how much you lost in your first 3 months?

I have 3 months until an important day, and I am really trying to see what sort of weightloss I could achieve in such a short amount of time :)

I know everyone is different (and that men loose a little bit faster than women... not fair!!! :cool: ) but I am just trying to motivate myself.

Part of me is saying 'well, you will never lose enough weight to make a difference to the way you look', while the other half of my mind is saying ' you could be 6 stone lighter... or more!!!' :eek:

If there is anyone out there who could give me some inspiration, I would be forever grateful...

I was never 28 stone, but there was a girl in my group who was around that, and she looked like a different person by the end of the first 100 days (I did LL). If you stick to SS, and drink 6 litres of water a day, it'll slide off you!
Oh, and she lost about 5 stone.
Flippin' nora...

6 litres?!?!?!?!?!?! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I struggle with 3, what to speak of 6... :eek:

Well done to her for that achievement!

I did 6 a day too when I was SS. I didn't start that way though. I started on 4 (the minimum LL says), then upped it by a pint every couple of days. It sounds really difficult, but it wasn't really. I drank a pint when i woke up, 2 litres before lunch, 2 litres before I left work, and 3 pints over the course of the evening. And your bladder does adjust, I promise!
Going by my what I have noticed online for varying weights and heights. I would think at least four stone plus...six stone might be stretching it for three months.

You could do between one and half to two stone for the first month and might manage one and half for each of the next two.

That would give you a total of five at most. If you lose anymore than that it would be a bonus.

If your over 5' 8" it seems to come of relatively to a man at the start and the bigger the weight the quicker the loss.

If you over estimate you will set yourself up for disappointment.

Love Mini xxx
I agree...

If you over estimate you will set yourself up for disappointment

Which is why I am trying to see what other's have lost so that I can get an average idea of what to expect... my silly mind is saying 'oh, it will fly off... you'll be down to 130kgs in no time!' :rolleyes:

But I'm starting to reign it in and get it to realise that is not the case... :eek:

My nephew started LL in April. He has had several weeks off the diet, maintaining, in this time. Altogether he has lost 6 and a half stone.
I started CD at 15 stone (only saying this as a comparison).

My CDC suggests a stone a month is 'do-able' and anything more is a bonus. I did more in my first month but my motivation has varied since then... but still down 2 stone now at 2 month mark.

I'd try and think of that, and anything else will make you feel elated!
Also.. take your measurements every couple of weeks, you'll see a difference im SURE!

I started at 21st 6lb. In 15 weeks I've lost 4st 7lb. BUT I did have a bad week in the middle where I ate.... if I hadn't done that it would have a bit more probably.
I drink about 4 litres of water and 3 or 4 black coffees each day. Good luck and happy glugging!! :)
The thing is - have a bar to which you can measure yourself by someone elses loss at the start - but trust me when you see them scales a-moving you will be enchanted by it - and all measures will go then

You will certainly lose alot in the first few weeks/months - no doubt about it.