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Sookie Stackhouse novels - now a tv programme "True Blood"


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You should be able to get the books from your local library, Coley. I've viewed a couple of bits from youtube and they are not for the squeamish. I do hope they move to a channel I have access to so I can watch them.
ooh the southern vampire mysterious Ive read 8 maybe 9 of the books..

god I looove sookie and the series true blood is fab a little bloody but soo damm funny..


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i love the books and the series though it is a little like vamp porn at times you kinda have to laugh at the randomness of it all . love sookie and vampire bill

Jenks, you're not kidding! I settled down to watch it with daughter and son (14 and 15) and couldn't switch it off quickly enough after the first extremely graphic sex scene was shown. My son turned to me and asked with raised eyebrow 'is this what you like watching/reading?' Honestly, I don't remember sex bits in the books.

im such a big trueblood/sookie stackhouse fan.
Ive watched the 1st 2 series and managed to read the 1st 8 books since christmas.
Just waiting for dead and gone to arrive (9th book) so i can start on that.
Theres also a book called touch of dead which is all short stories about sookie.
Ive really enjoyed the books and the series are a little different from the books which i think is a good thing.
Anyone looking to buy the box set of 8 books,there on offer at The Book People online for 8.99 which is a bargain.There at HMV half price for 20.00!
I've got the first 3 books as 1 big book and was thinking of taking it on holiday... is it good 'beach' reading or will reading 3 together be a bit heavy?
Love the books, didn't like the TV show. It just didn't grab me.

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