SoOoOo CoLdDdDd!!!


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Hey guys

Hope you're all doing well.

Was just wondering, is anyone else (and please excuse my French here) bloody freezing?!??

I've got about a million and one layers on, two pairs of socks, huge fluffy slippers, two hot water bottles, hot drinks and my big double duvet but I simply cannot warm up:(

I did put some gloves on but I'm doing an epic cross stitch of a map of Scotland (part of my ploy to do something with fingers that doesn't involve snacking...) and I can't do the fiddly bits with the gloves on!

Also my boyfriend is cooking a roast right now and so I don't like him anymore (lol only yolking, I'm just a bit yearny for anything that would warm me up - won't cheat though)!

Mostly this is just a rambling thread. Though I certainly wouldn't wish an intolerance to the cold on anyone, I'm sure at least one of you if not more must be experiencing this too..?

Anyway, all the best to you all:)

Rom xx
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So much so iv bought an adult baby grow!! Haha

The water doesn't help but needs must, I use hot water with my shakes or try to stick to porridge or soup with lots of chilli powder!!

Top and bottom is u r not alone ha xx


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yep I'm always freezing!!!! I sleep in a hoody now!!! I'm pretty sure it's very normal with a VLCD, from my experience and what I've heard!


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Thanks guys at least I know others are having same experience!

I was gonna buy one of those 'Snuggies' from Homebase but I don't think I could stand the ridicule I would suffer from boyfriend and son . . .



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S: 16st7lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 3st8lb(21.65%)
oooh I have a slanket and my boyfriend was the one who bought it for me so he's pleased when i use it!!! hehe they're great!


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when our bodies turn carbs into energy, there is a thermal reaction which is much more pronounced than what happens when we use our fat stores.

which is probably why we crave starchy foods in winter and eat more salads in summer.


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I'm freezing as well :gen125:
I watch TV with my hoodie up wrapped in a blanket, my husband says I look like a hibernating elf! :p

Doesn't it take calories to warm up your body? So maybe unawares I'm actually losing weight by trying to warm up...hmmmm...just a thought!:rolleyes: