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OK, I am normally a positive type, but I need to get this short rant off my chest:


I know Ketosis makes you feel a little colder than normal, which is lovely in the summer, but it is 34 degrees here this morning, and I STILL have no central heating, which isn't helping!!!
However, I had to laugh at myself a couple of minutes ago - let me paint this ridiculous picture for you. I am sat at my desk (I work from home) and I am wearing:
Pyjama bottoms
Thermal Adidas training joggers over the top
Canterbury Stay Warm top
2 long sleeved t shirts
Fleecy hoody
Two pairs Toastie socks.
And, on top of that, I am wrapped in my Duvet. I look like an oversized caterpillar. Losing weight seems a bit pointless when my clothing choices make me look like Michelin man:D
Hahaha! Rant over. Anyone else feeling the cold? xxx
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Awwww :)

I do remember being absolutely frozen as well and being wrapped up all the time!

Saying that someone told me shivering burns calories so I always thought it would mean I would get to goal quicker :)

As soon as you finish the warmth does return, although I still get a lot colder now than I used to when I was big.



running strictly on fat!
I know what you mean... I hate feeling cold as I am the type of person who is always too hot...

There is not much we can do abt atm. Apart from dressing like a Micheline man of course .... x
LOL, have you seen the slankets? they are really good!

I have one in my conservatory as it does get cold out there, allows you to move about and still be warm.



running strictly on fat!
Nothing works better for me than hot water bottle :)

You should try it yourself as well x
I have seen the slankets, and I did really want one - genius ideas! I will be fine once my central heating gets fixed I think - it's just temporary deep freeze.

Minimimi - I have a microwaveable heat pack thing, but it smells of lavender, and it makes me drowsy. I nearly nodded off on a conference call last week, I'm sure it was the scent!
I have had a great idea though - once my emails are done, I am going to get on my stepper, and work up some heat that way!:) Thanks for the replies, peeps! Hope you are all having a good day!:character00238:

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