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Sophie's New Beginning


New Member
Today i realised i’m so fed up, I hate being used, no one take me seriously, i was on the phone for an hour talking to my dad, just wanting his support.

I want to lose weight, i WANT to lose about 5 stone, I WANT to be a size 10, instead of a size 18…. and it is possible!

In fact i got so annoyed with myself, that i’ve signed myself up for Lighter Life, if you don’t know what that is, its a very low calorie food replacement diet, and it says that you should lose 3 stone in 3 months. I am sooo on that! Its expensive, but then again…. i need this!

I’m also going for hypnotherapy session on Thursday, to help me overcome my eating and help me understand what went wrong in my life.

hopefully i’ll hear back from my councillor, i’m so excited i think i’ll probably end up ringing her anyways. I know it’s going to be difficult and i know that there’s been some interesting side effects, the main one i’m worried about it hairloss, as i <3 loveee my hair. But at the end of the day i know it sounds drastic but if it means being happy and healthy, it’ll grown back right???

On all the forums i’ve looked at, everyone is raving about it, and people have lost a tone of weight, i’m getting desperate… it’s either this or surgery…….and once i’ve lost enough weight… i’ll hit the gym… for now i’m too embarrassed!

I’ll obviously keep you all updated
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is Magdalicious
Hun we know what LL is. You are on a LL forum and we are ALL doing it! :)
With amazing results!
LL is the best weight loss program on this planet. Period.
It simply works. If you stick to it and follow the rules.
The counselling helps tremendously too!
Good luck darling and welcome!
We are all here to give each other advice and support so keep popping in.

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Welcome and good luck sophielise.

If you really want to lose that weight you've come to the right place.
It seems expensive, but when you add up the cost of a week's worth of what you've been having so far including food, drinks, snacks, chocs, take-aways etc etc you'll probably find it is no more expensive !
Also you may experience some hair loss towards the end if you've got a lot of weight to lose, but not everyone does and it does grow back.
Go for it. It can change your life.


One last chance
Hey sweets and welcome aboard. I was sceptical at first when it came to LL but it really does work. All you have to do is follow it 100% and you are guaranteed weight loss. You can lose about 1 stone a month, which is amazing!


starting over
Welcome Sophielise, I joined yesterday too so look forward to reading about your progress. xx