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sorry- but sooo excited!!

I'm already excited about mine and I'm only on day 2! Can totally understand.... Make sure you let us know how you get on! xx


reaching my goal
so you should be excited you have nearly completed your 1st week 100% you should be proud of your self well done and good luck hun hope you are rewarded with a great weight loss !
well done for getting through week one and not weighing... i dont know how anyone can do it.. lol...
make sure you get on here and let us all know... we will be all waiting here waniting to know


please try again
good luck for tomorrow
best of luck for your weigh in :)


This Time It's Personal!
I'm so envious - it's a great feeling going for that first WI, having stuck to CD all week and therefore already knowing that you're on your way to a meeting where you'll be praised and admired for weight reasons for once!

I'm sure you'll have a great loss, but a tip is to try not to have a figure in your head that you're reaching for. Many people talk about their first week's loss on the forum, and some people achieve fantastic numbers, sometimes into double figures. But remember that we're all different, and a 3lb or 4lb loss can really be a great achievement for some.

Having said that, don't forget to come back and tell us!
well done that first week is a toughie, make sure to let us know how you got on :)
hey everyone, thanks so much for replies, i really appreciate them!!!
weigh ins not until 11-30 tomorrow but il be straight on here sharing my news, dont u worry!!
still 100% and really excited about tomorrow!:D
Wow... it's 11.30 now and I'm thinking of you Em! Hope you're jumping up and down on the scales with joy! xx
Hi just popping on quick- on my phone lol-
I lost 12 pounds!!!! Wwoooooooo hooooooo!!
I'll be back later x
thats fab well done. i bet you are over the moon about it!!!
That is a fantastic loss, well done hun x x


This Time It's Personal!
Aaagh! OK, so I've been at a course at work all day today, and found myself thinking about this thread during the... ahem... less engaging bits. First thing I've done now I'm home is check this thread!

12lb?! Woot! OK, forget all the advice I offered... you didn't need it! Well done on a pretty incredible first week loss. Nearly a stone gone, just like that. I try not to focus on the loss rate now because I don't want the loss to be my only goal, but I must that the rapidity of it is an intoxicating motivator. It's what makes CD great!

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