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Sorry for blowing my own trumpet


Silver Member
but no - one else really gets what I am doing and not many others know, but i know you al will !....

today is

100% for 100 days!!:eek::D

I have to be honest and say I have had a really easy run with it - maxed out for the first 2 weeks so didn't really notice them and since then my head has just been in the right place - don't know how or why but I not arguing - I haven't even licked my fingers or tasted my toddlers food when I have checked the temperature of it on my lips - just wiped it off!
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My husband = My hero
Toot Toot Beep Beep Beep!!!!!!!!!!

Well done you absolute super star!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are an absolute inspiration, and deserve to look so wonderful!

keep going my lovely, the end is in sight!

so so so so super duper pooper proud of u!



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ditto - it would be great to get there together - but don't want to make you have to wait for me !!


My husband = My hero
behave yourself!! i am behind you chick, draggin my chunky butt to keep up lol, we will get there together! and i cant wait!! xxx


this time - the last time
That is such a huge achievement. I have already added you to my spreadsheet....and calculated what I will weigh if I follow your good footsteps!

I am on day 1. So 100days is 15th April! Hehe! Talk about forward planning!

You are an inspiration!


is a naughty girl...
WOOOOOW you blow that trumpet! Go get naked and shout it from the roof tops or send a letter to the queen. You are clearly one amazing person!! x


Staff member
Congratulations on being 100% for a 100 DAYS!:flowers::flowers::flowers:







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thanks - not sure about the getting naked though - eugh. Still a long way to go but chipping away at it. This week is my AAM week so we'll see what effect that has next tuesday ;-(
You are doing amazingly!! Well done hun Xxxx

I do believe that having the right "mind set" is the key to being successful on a diet like this x


Slowly but surely x
those losses are... wow... there are no words! I start tomorrow, what an inspiration!

and if I can have even a bit of your success I'd be very happy indeed!!!
Well done Setas you have done brilliantly and your losses have been amazing. Like the others have said you are an inspiration - good luck this week and enjoy it xx

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