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Sorry to be a pain i have looked...


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Curry powder is free hun.

Don't buy a jar - this takes 5 minutes to prepare...

chop an onion, grate a couple of cloves of garlic and a bit of ginger and fry in fry light.
Add a tbsp or 2 or curry powder and cook for a minute.
Add a tin of tomatoes and whatever veg you want and your meat and simmer for 15 mins. The sauce will thicken.
Stir in some yoghurt just before the end but be careful it doesn't split, take it off the heat.
Add some chopped fresh coriander if you have it.

Syn free, cheaper and better for you than any jar!!!


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Totally agree with Jaylou:), I make using the same recipe but add 1.5 tsp splenda to mine. Totally syn free and tasty. Takes 5 mins to make!


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Cheers huns. I didnt buy a jar as i saw Jaylous post before i left and know how easy it is to make anyway but i did get a packet of tikka herbs and spices to add to it to lets see how it goes tonight. xxx


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Curry powder is just a blend of spices - so syn free.

I no longer buy any jars of sauces - all are loaded with syns and I find it a lot more rewarding to make my own and then also know exactly what is in the sauce. Plus as I am getting better, my own sauces are tasting much better than the jars anyway!


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Is it the Schwartz flavourful tikka masala mix?
If it is, it's 3.5 syns a sachet.

I dont know its in the boot of my car and im in the office now so will check when i get home. Its only a small packet of spice so never thought it would be that but was going to check on the syns calculator when i got home. Have you tried it then?? I dont mind the 3.5 if it is syns as im not haveing any today.