New SW app and Scanner.


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SW have updated their app, not sure what others think but I find it more complicated than the original, perhaps it is just me but the syn value food search is very limited, can't find half the stuff, seems like your search needs to match theirs to show up. Tried to add my food diary to it, found that so complicated too, so gave up. The original had the filters down the side and it was much easier to navigate and to find what you were looking for. The other thing I liked about the original app you could see your progress in graph form and your bmi etc this one it seems you can't.

Now for the scanner, I have been unable to use it, it does not seem to work for me, perhaps I am doing something wrong, but have tried it numerous times and in numerous ways but just won't scan, I wish they would post a "how to" video on their website. Others do not seem to be having issues with it, so it is either me or there is a glitch on mine. But you are just meant to point your phone at the bar code and it should come up, which I have done. I am heading out to do a top up shop, under current circumstances standing in shops and trying to do a food search (which may or may not show up) is certainly not practical for me or for other customers.

Has anyone else found the same? or perhaps it is just me!! :D:D:D
Hi! Bit of a late reply but I also aren’t too keen on the new app.
i like the food planner option and how it closes the rings so to speak on the syns And healthy extras. But I don’t like the progress option, I preferred the graph showing the weight going down rather than the bar along.

i love the bar code scanner though, been a long time coming!