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  1. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Hi all.. am finally at the point of seeing my CDC tomorrow! :bliss:
    She said on the phone I'd be better on SS+ but am wondering why this would be. Last time I did SS and then AAM is SS+ just like AAM?

    Am still a bit confused, I know that some do SS+ as 4 shakes and a milk allowance. I'm wondering whether to do SS on the days when I don't do much exercise and 4 shakes on the days when I do Karate or Swimming?

    I did lose hair last time I was on SS so am hoping to avoid this if I can. But.. like everyone want to lose well. :)

    What would you suggest?
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  3. baby_callalillies

    baby_callalillies Full Member

    Hiya PH.... Im on SS (as recommended by my cdc) although it does cost that wee bit more. maybe start on plus and if you dont feel the weight is coming off as you and CDC would like - try SS. Now im worried about the hair thing!! eek
  4. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Just found the thread I couldn't find earlier on SS+ :) so the SS+ means the CDC doesn't have to write to my GP. :) I get it now..

    Does it make a big difference to weight loss I wonder?
  5. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Sorry don't want to alarm you. It wasn't something that I knew 'could' happen and therefore I freaked out and jumped straight off the diet. Seems now that I've read up some more that it can happen as a side affect of a VLCD, not just with CD but with slimfast etc

    I think if it happens again I'll just have to keep quiet from my hubby and up the calories a little - hubby wasn't impressed when i said I was coming back to CD until I said I could do a plan of more calories than last time. :)
  6. BooBooChicken

    BooBooChicken Full Member

    hi purple hugs

    i think ss can be easier for people who want to break the "food" habit altogether. or for people like me who are all or nothing types. i found it very tough to keep to the measured portions once i start eating on AAM or ss+ so ss was very straight-forward, no decisions to make about food at all.

    i don't know about ss+ and hairloss, i had no loss the first time i did cd, but last time when i came off the diet, i had a lot of hair loss, but i figure hair grows back and for me, it's temporary and better than being unhealthily overweight.

    good luck with your re-start, chicken!
  7. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    was going to say no GP!

    I am on ss+ 4 shakes a day, and I don;t think it has hindered my weight loss at all :D
  8. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Thanks :) great to hear from a restarter too ;)

    I am an all or nothing really and do struggle adding food in, have been doing slimfast this last week to help get my head in gear, and have had a few wobbles of the mind but no wobbles of giving in so that's good. :)

    I do think I'll try the 4 shakes if I have to.. :) rather than 3 and a meal, especially at first. :) I still have over 5 stone to lose and really want to get there. :)
  9. tracey001

    tracey001 Back again!!

    Hi, Me and hubby are on SS+ (4 packs and 200mls of skimmed milk) and the weight loss has been fab - we have jointly lost 3 stone and 2lbs, 26lbs for hubby and 18lbs for me IN THREE WEEKS. I beleive that men have to do 4 packs anyway so I just decided to do the same plus I love my cuppa tea and I can make the 200mls stretch to 4 cuppa teas a day! I have just had a lovely cuppa and the malt toffee bar and it was scrummy! Good luck
  10. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Sorry hun, posted at the same time! lol

    Your weight loss is similar to mine when I first started out.. so fingers x'd I can 'do it again' this time! :) Will be happy with the average :) And even if I'm a bit slower I'm determined to stick with it. :)

    Tracy - well done to you both!! Wow that is great losses for 3 weeks :) Isn't it unfair men lose quicker than us! ;)
    I also like tea with milk :) and will need to make sure to get some bars in a few weeks too as they work well in place of 'something with a cuppa'! lol

    Thanks all :) good to hear about everyones losses on it. :)
  11. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    I'm on SS+ and to be honest I am disappointed with the losses compared to when I did SS last year. I'm going to have a chat about changing with my CDC tomorrow. Yes it's nice to have the milk and extra pack, but I need to get this weight off asap and it's disheartening.

    Good luck xx
  12. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    I can't see that a stone in 3 weeks is not a good rate, the average is a stone in a month after week one and you are on track for that really. :)

    Try not to be too down on it ((hugs)) I know one of your goals is 2 months away but you could still be down another 2 stone by then. :)

    I do want the weight gone asap, but if it takes 5 months then it'll be 5 months. :) Can you imagine how long it would take me with a LCD?
  13. jacsprat

    jacsprat Silver Member

    Why not start off doing ss+ and if you dont want the milk or the 4th pack have a word with your CDC. I think SS+ is a good option for the first couple of weeks till you get into the swing of things. Better to do SS+ 100% than maybe struggle with SS.

    Having said that it is cheaper to SS.

  14. (Land of) Maz

    (Land of) Maz Full Member

    i started with 4 packs + 200mls of milk... but am cutting down this week to 3 packs, going into my 3rd that i'm on the swing of things more and know what i like, and have my timings right.

    i just wasn't using the 4th pack some days... and only have 1-2 cups of tea a day with very little milk so that might be okay anyways. i certainly am not using anything like 200mls a day....

    however i'll build up a spare few packs for use on activity days as you suggest PH.

    I'm going onto bars this week, i preordered with my CDC, 7 bars! one lovely cuppa and bar a day coming up!!! can't wait!

    Good luck for the CDC meeting PHugs....
  15. lena

    lena Full Member

    im doing ss+ i have 3 shakes nd my 200kcal meal, i really enjoy the meal and it takes away any urge to cheat, i lost 7lbs in the first week and feel comfortable with this deit, its nice to have the odd tuna salad . i tried ss last year and only manage 2 weeks without cheating and ruining my ketosis, i also have 5 stone to loose and would be over the moon if i lost it in 5 months.:bliss:
  16. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Thanks all and for the good luck wishes Maz :)
    all went well and my next door neighbour came with me as she has also started tonight - last minute plan in the end but she's been considering it for a week now. :)

    I weighed in 2lb under what I did on my scales :) so that was a bonus.

    Went for SS+ but with 4 packs on my exercise days, and 3 packs and a 200kcal meal on my general days. :) I think this will work as I can have a pack and a half before karate and for lunch and then a pack for dinner. :) and the same with swimming though that'll be at tea time as we swim at 4pm on a sunday. :)

    MAJOR challenge will be sunday as it's my birthday but other than that I think i'll cope well enough. :) And have warned all my family (immediate family are the only 'threat') not to buy me food or cake or anything! lol

    Thanks again! :) fingers x'd get a lovely big loss next week! :) 7lb would be fantastic as would break my 199lb mini-goal :) but we'll see.. whatever will be will be. :)
  17. Serena A

    Serena A Can't think of a title

    Good luck PH, you have a great attitude to it which is half the key to success with this, and happy birthday for Sunday cos I'll probably forget to say it then! :candle1:
  18. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Thanks Serena :) just hope my attitude holds strong when the going gets tough! ;) REALLY want this but also want to be able to cope when I get there, so need to learn the RIGHT way to end my CD journey and get maintenance sorted once and for all... but all in good time. :)
  19. tracey001

    tracey001 Back again!!

    Good luck with the diet, not that you will need luck, just stay focused and come on here for support, I think our CD team might have a space if your looking to join a team. CD Teams - - Weight Loss Support Forum i'm in the water babes, may be worth posting on their as we have two members who have gone AWOL.

    :birthday: for Sunday.
  20. tracey001

    tracey001 Back again!!

    Opps!! Sorry didn't notice your allready in a team.
  21. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    No problem Tracey :) nice to know I'd have been welcomed :D.

    Congrats on your weight loss by the way, that's a great figure for 3 weeks. :)

    Am feeling positive this morning.. one day at a time. :)

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