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ss tell me about your poos!! (tmi??)


Its changes throughout SS, some start with very dodgy tummy, (that was me!!!) Some just stop all together and need Psyllium Husks to help, but mainly I think its rabbit droppings!!!

Does this help??


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I only go once a week with help from a bisocodyl (Dulcolax) unless I take fibre 89 and have a peanut or cranberry crunch at least 4 times during the week (they have 10g of fibre in them!) Then i manage it without the laxative!


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Haha, for the first few days mine were like passing bricks. But now things are much softer and verging on the runny side. Ewwww this is really nasty lol. Glad its not just me
Normal but infrequent - about twice a week!
Haha....... NICE! :)

I seem to be 'going' every other day or so now, haven't had any trouble so far *touch wood* Mine are like type 5 some days, type 4 on others (but not so long...not quite 'snake' length) lol.... lol!

Can't believe I just posted about my poo on a public forum....don't even talk about it with my partner of 8 years! hehe
This is all quite amusing eh??:rotflmao:
Mine is number 1 but as I mentioned nothing shifting so off to the docs toorrow. Blummin hate docs!!! Then hopefully number 5's. ;)

Number 4, twice a week, with the help of Movicol! Very 'heavy' though, like a log! Have difficulty flushing at times!:eek: Lol!!!:D:D:D
Gillian Mckeith.....eat your heart out !!!!!

Pysillium Husks all the way for me....spoonful in each Shake...and no probs to report.....

nothing but runny since starting CD!! help!!!
is it ok to take immodium?
Give Psyllium husks or similar a go. Will help to firm things up.

I'm coming up to the end of week 4 on SSing and go very regular sometimes twice a day. My first poo of the day is usually quite firm (No. 4 on the chart i'd say:)), but if I have to go a second time its more of a watery pebbledash.:eek::D

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