Stand up comedy


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Never fails to entertain. I currently have Alan Carr "Tooth Fairy" on Ch4 and it's absolutely hilarious! I can't help but actually laugh out loud.

I always like "Live @ the Apollo" - especially if Michael McIntyre is on. Eddy Izzard, Peter Kay and Jack Dee also get my vote.

I think will take my OH to comedy club next week, tis free on a monday night and always good :D
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Oooh I love Michael McIntyre! Lee Evans is a real favourite of mine too


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for me it's gotta be Dylan Moran and Tim Minchin!


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We saw Dara O Briain live the other week - he was amazing. Would love to see Frankie Boyle, he never fails to amuse


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My favourite comedian is a canadian called Tom Stade, he's sometimes on at the Comedy Store in London and Manchester, and he was on Michael Mcintyre's roadshow in Birmingham.

Went to see him a couple of weeks ago and was literally crying with laughter with my makeup all over my face! And laughed so much it was painful! So thoroughly recommend going to see him!

And love Michael Mcintyre as well, who doesnt :)


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I like Eddie Izzard, Julian Clary, Dara O'Briain (going to see him in October :) ), Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, and Jimmy Carr. I keep meaning to get out to the local comedy clubs more often but it hasn't happened yet.


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I love Alan Carr, his mannerisms just tickle me.Hubby and i went to see Steven K Amos we where constantly laughing for two hours.It's true that laughter is the best medicine :) :)


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Alan Carr is hilarious! We have tickets for Peter Kay, has anyone seen him on this new tour?

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I love comedy and my ipod is full of audiobooks of various tours and autobiographies of loads of different comedians.

I went to see Peter Kay recently at the MEN arena - he was amazing and my head actually hurt when I left. In fact I loved it so much I'm going again next October lol.

I'm also seeing Dara O' Briain in October (my new comedy crush), Frankie Boyle in November and Jason Manford in December.

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Bill Bailey, Lee Evans, Robin Williams, Dylan Moran...
There is very little that can compare to a good laugh!

I should prob watch some Lee Evans now, always puts me in a good mood :D


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Both Peter Kay and Alan Carr are brilliant!
Simon Amstell is good too, and yummy ahah.

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I love Lee Evans, have his dvd boxset and usually watch one every night, never get bored of them!
Also like Peter Kay, Tom Stade, Rhod Gilbert, Russell Howard, Cocoa Brown and Aaron Berg.

I would really like to actually go and see some live comedy instead of watching it on a dvd.


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Alan Carr's my favourite, I love him!! Was lucky enough to go and see Chattyman last month, it was absolutely hilarious!!

Also love Michael McIntyre, Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran :D

Peter Kay I used to love but every show I see tends to have the same jokes, much prefer him in Phoenix Nights/Max and Paddy etc xxx