Starbucks Syns :)

Hello Guys,

Came across Starbucks Nutrition information and went through the list with the consultant and done some synning ;)

you can be good with a starbucks after all! nice little treat in this lovely weather!! :gen125:

Caffe Latte
Short skimmed Milk – Cals 66.6/ Syns 3 ½
Tall - Skimmed Milk - Cals 102.3/ Syns 5
Grande - Skimmed Milk - Cals 131.4/ Syns 6.5
Venti - Skimmed Milk - Cals 168.5/ Syns 8.5

Short - Skimmed Milk - Cals 54.7/ Syns 3
Tall - Skimmed Milk - Cals 63.8/ Syns 3
Grande - Skimmed Milk - Cals 82.1/ Syns 4
Venti - Skimmed Milk - Cals 109.0/ Syns 5
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Thanks for this, I'm a Starbucks addict and haven't had one since I started SW as I thought they would be too high in syns! Starting to have widtdrawal symptoms here! ;) guess who's going to get a coffee fix today! :)


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This is really handy to have to hand! Does it include using the milk as a hexa? Or is this just straight syns?


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I had a skinny vanilla (sugar free syrup) latte today, hoping it was free as my HEX :) really wanted the apple fritter doughnut but thinking that would have been far too many sins!
Oh this is just fab! I've been trying to have americano when I go but it's so rank I may just allow myself the syns. Thank you!


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Great, thanks for this, it is really handy. You can't beat a good skinny latte and it's great to know it's "affordable" at Starbucks especially as there seems to be one in most high streets.


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If I was to use the milk as my hexa, would I just take off X syns for the milk used?


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Just worked out that my favourite large Mango and Passionfruit Frappucino is 11 syns :( Was so hoping it'd be less :(