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start of day three

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
at the start of day three i feel completely new, (cheated and got on the scales which are 3lb below the 15st point that i have been trying to get past for months :D), but i'm not completely drained, just a bit tired, no dizzyness and i actually enjoyed the strawberry shake for breakfast this morning.

oh and fully in ketosis today too. i feel that i can really do this :D:D:D
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You can do it duffy moon!!!!!!! (Where the heck did that come from...sorry!........if you're under 35 you'll not know what I'm talking about!!).

You've got the right attitude and I'm confident you can do it. Day five was my killer. Just get through this week...hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones and fly though this week...then at weigh in, you'll get all the motivation you need once you hop on those scales.

Well done again.xx

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
hehehe bless!

god aint this water drinking business hard work, and i love water!
that is great good on you x

rainbow brite

Great news that you're feeling good and yay for being in ketosis! :D You can really do this honey, just keep focused on the way you want to look and feel and you'll push through the harder times. Good luck for the rest of the day!


On a mission
day 3 for me too and so far so good. Not sure if I am ketosis yet as don't quite fully understand what to look for. Although am feeling thinner
Had some hunger pangs quite bad an hour ago, but had my shake and am right as rain

fed up of going to the toilet though

I'm gonna do this!!

Well done Pink Pixie - we'll get through it together

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
we definitely will......at the shop just now they had bikinis in the sale, i picked one up in a size lower thinking oh this might be ok, but then i realised that i have no idea how much i will lose over the next few weeks and that if i bought it, it might actually be too big!

and then skipped out of the shop and home to my green tea :D

how you finding it today chele? im defintely in ketosis, the bright pink stick tells me so, you probably are too xx


On a mission
today I am more hungry, but haven't had my "tea" yet so am thinking chocolate mocha. I love the chocolate now, breakfast, dinner and tea

Need to get some more water in me tonight. Was running to the toilet all evening yesterday. Feeling slimmer
someone at work asked me if I'd lost weight!!!!!


On a mission
how you finding it today chele? im defintely in ketosis, the bright pink stick tells me so, you probably are too xx
how do you know you've lost 10lbs ?
Hey Pink, glad to hear it's going fine and you are in ketosis. It will defo get easier after the first week and you seem really positive about everything.

Bikini - you go girl!!! Even if I hit target a bikini won't be on my shopping list!!! Unfortunately after 3 children it ain't a pretty sight!!!! Lol!!


*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
chele....i spent the last 4 weeks on slimfast and lost 10lb on that but it was so slow.

cuddlyfairy....im gonna be abroad, noone will know me hehehe :rolleyes:
Lol Pixie!

Mind you, we went all the way to Orlando to find another family from our village at the same hotel!

Have a great holiday, when do you go?


*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
hehehe yeah i have done that before too, and im going with my best mate and her hubby so i might chicken out when i get there :D


Says it as it is!!!
Get the bikini's ordered you will feel fantastic and want to wear them!
I have had 2 kids... have the dreaded strecth marks...but hey! if you have go tit flaunt it girl! Noone cares about a few (thousand in my case) strecth marks....its all in our heads!
Have you ever met a man that went ewwwww what are those! its part of being a woman! And if you are really bothered buy bio oil...it has worked a treat on mine they are much lighter and smaller wooo hoooo

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
oooh yeah bio oil! thats it! been trying to think what that was called for ages.

yay, i might head off to boots later!:rolleyes:

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