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ProPoints Startin Again ha!!!

Well i lost 4 stone n since xmas ive been strugling up n down all d time den started strictly back on monday so my weekly weigh in 2moro :sigh: I have been gud n did alot of walking and dat except for a few drinks on fri n sat brekkie im hoping dat wont effect my weight loss but ill keep you's informed :p

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Well done on ur loss so far! How did WI go? Hope ur ok! Would like to follow diary :) c
Hey thanx =] havent been on much dis wk i weighed in on monday was down 1lb tought wud of been bit better but i suppose it's a loss at d end of d day =] Im findin it so hard 2 get past d 4 stone mark ive been tryin since xmas n jus cant concentrate on it been doin ok dis wk had a chinese but took it out of my weeklys!!! So ill jus havta wait til monday 2 find out =] xxx
Well done for 1lb loss! U can do it xx


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hi Kazzy n welcome.I have been the same trying on n off to lose weight but just couldnt stay motivated but since I started again and have been on here I have felt so much more in control. everyone keeps you focused and its great. good luck on your journey x :)
Thanx all 4 d encouragement its well needed been very bold dis wk but defo gonna start strict 2moro i MEAN it dis time!!!! Since i got wit my fella in jan its been so hard ya see dem eatin wat they like n wen they want ahhhh d joys of it but determined 2 get back in2 d swing of things xxxxx:p
Good luck :) keep us updated x
We will look forward to it :) x
Well i weighed in dismornin knew was gonna b up was up 2lb :cry: tought was bit much cos i didnt over do it either but ah well knew was startin from beginnin 2day so jus put it 2 d back n move on it puts ya on a downer doh :(

Well im gonna put up my food diary l8r it seems 2 work 4 other people so hopefully it'l do d trick 4 me :D

Look forward to seeing diary! U will have that off and more this week c
Hopefully i will thanx luv =] been out walkin wit daisy(doggy) 4 bout an hr gained 7 activity points so chuffed wit dat =]
That's a brill start to a new week :) xx
Well food diary 4 d day :)


30g Porraige n Milk 4pp
100ml Orange Juice 1pp
Yogurt 2pp

Tomato n Herb Pasta 5pp
WW Yogurt 1pp
Banana & Apple 0pp

Mince and Gravy 7pp
Mash 4pp
Peas 3pp
WW Choc Pudding 5pp

Brown Bread 2pp
Crisps 3pp
2 lollipops 2pp

Total Points Eaten 38
Daily Points 34
Weekly Points 5

Weekly Points Left 44

Activity Points Earned 7
Sounds yummy! Now I want gravy lol x

1 Egg 2pp
2 Medallion Rashers 2pp
Tomatoes 0pp
1 Brown Bread 2pp
Apple Juice 1pp

Oxtail Soup 1pp
2 Bread and Ham 5pp
Apple 0pp
Yogurt 1pp

Roast Chicken 120g 4pp
Baby Potatoes 4pp
Vegetables and Gravy 3pp

Salero 3pp
Muesli 4pp
1 Bread and Crisps 6pp

Total Points Eaten 37
Daily Points 34
Weekly Points 4

Weekly Points left 40
Activity Points Gained 4

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