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hi there..

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Hi everyone
How are u all?wel where to start, im Christie and for past 3 years iv been dietin on and off, ww, sw switchin from one to the other, loosin and gainin the same bit of weight every time! Im sure there is alot of other people out there like me, recently i went back too ww (again!!!) had a bad weekend past and didn’t go to weigh in on the Monday.. so i sat and thought about it yesterday and i can honestly say i am sick to the back teeth of “dieting” its never gona work for me as i really never get buy a few weeks, its just not for m, even if i was to lose weight i wud still be on a diet to try and keep the weight off and im sorry but i realy dont wanna spend my entire life worryin about wat im eatin and feelin guilty for havin a blow out!

I am currently a size 14 and i no that isn’t huge, i have been this size for past 3 years n never go any bigger or smaller, i think im supposed to be this size lol! So came to the conclusion that i am goin to eat 3 balanced meals a day, but im not goin to be lookin at the calories or any of that rubbish! Make sure i get my fruit n veg and up my water levels and try cut back on the fizzy drinks, and try to eat bread only once a day.. but if want to have a treat i will and i wont feel guilty about it.. and also at weekend im goin to eat what i fancy, im not goin to go mad but i wont be sittin thinkin i cant have this i cant have that..

I am so unhappy dietin and i think this is best thing to do, everythin in moderation as they say, if i lose weight then even better but if i dont its not the end of the world..

i have had a bad week this week so therefore im startin afresh on monday..

Lookin forward to getting to no u all

C xxx
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Good luck hun - I am the same as you - as soon as I feel like I'm on a diet, I start trying to find ways to cheat and reasons to treat myself. Thinking of it as eating 'right' or healthy has made a huge difference to my mindset this time around. :)
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Hi, I must say I'm the same. If I'm dieting I'm always thinking about what I can't eat whereas when I chill out I don't think about it but just eat healthier. Good luck xx
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Yeah hopin it will help!wat do u eat on a typical day?xx
My other half and I decided to eat more healthier, and that if we lost weight it would be an added bonus.

We decided to use SW as a guide, it all seemed too complicated but their basic premise is to reduce the fat and sugar in your diet, thus making it more healthy. I thought that made sense, so we have swapped everything to low fat versions, we stopped eating take away and started eating breakfast. We now cook almost everything from scratch, and eat way more veg than ever before. We did both also decide to reduce how much bread we eat, so now we only eat bread once or maybe twice a week. I feel so much better, loads more energy and less bloated all the time. I have also lost over 2.5 stone since June, and in all honesty I feel like I've cheated as I've not actually tried or put any effort in. I actually eat more food now than ever before.

A typical day for me will be:
breakfast - fruit and fat free yoghurt (is use frozen fruit, you can get loads of different types, I put the frozen fruit and yoghurt in a little container in the fridge in the evening, by the time I get to work, its defrosted and mixed with the yoghurt)

lunch - salad either green/pasta/couscous with the usual cucumber, toms, peppers, olives, sweetcorn etc and maybe some ham, salmon, smoked mackerel etc. With either balsamic vinegar or low fat dressing.

dinner - chicken or fish with veg, baked or mashed pots, curry, stew, tagine, steak and chips (done the SW way), home made burgers, spag bol, chilli, etc. Always using very lean meat with any sign of fat removed, cook with fry light rather than oil, etc etc.

We snack on fruit, alpen light bars, muller light yoghurts and so on.

The secret for us has been to be organised - I plan our menu each week, my OH goes and does the shopping and then we stick to it. Then when we get home from work hungry instead of snacking we get on with cooking dinner - it takes our mind of snacking. Its really worked for us, we're both much happier, feel healthier and are more lively. OH has lost 3.5 stone too (since June).
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Hello, what your doing is a great idea! I'v started eating weight watchers ready meals with steamed vedge, which suit me very well. i snack on fruit, and sometimes allow myself so have some sweets/chocolate or anything sweet! i find that eating weight watchers bread helps me alot as i love having a slice of bread with my dinner.
I've been trying to get this forum a bit busier but nothings working! Wish there was more of us on here lol

x Alex x

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hi i'm a size 14, managed to nearly get down to a 10 3 years ago, then went on a 3 wk IA hol to mexico and put it all back on, have yo-yo'ed ever since and always seen to loose but put it back on. so know how you feel! i too, have done every diet it seems and sick of it.