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Starting again


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Can't believe I'm started out again having had major surgery 2 years ago and losing around 7 stone almost over night, I've developed a massive incisional hernia and adhesions I need more surgery but I've gain Alot of weight due to not being able to exercise and various over things.,and the surgeon said I need to lose weight before he will operate.
I'm not surprised but I'm in Alot of pain so need the surgery sooner rather than later.
My GP has took over my care and put me on Oristat, after much discussion, I wasn't convinced it the way to go but he thinks it will give me the boost I need to work to my goal quicker.
I need support so thought joining the group would help.
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Hi Daydreamer! I love this site it keeps me away from mindless overeating. But also its great to chat with others with same issues. We are all here to support each other. I have tried orlistat before it did help me, but the toilet side things occasionally wasn't pretty! Tell me to mind my own business but did you ever think of trying a meal replacement diet If you have to lose weight quickly for surgery?


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You are definitely in the right place! There is a lot of support on here. Sometimes it is more busy than other times. If you think joining a challenge would help, theres a Christmas challenge on the challenges thread.

It must be horrible to be in pain for you, especially at this time with covid hanging around the hospitals slowing things down. I had surgery that went wrong also. It was a nightmare but I pretty much OK now.


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You will get to goal, definitely!! The best advice i was given was to break it down into mini goals. So I am taking it a stone at a time

Dolly Rocker

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Welcome to Minimins.

So sorry to hear you're in a lot of pain and hopefully the weight drops off so you can get your surgery as soon as possible.

This is the right place to be if you need support and sometimes a rant.

We're all in the same boat.

If you can you should start a diary and defo join in the Christmas challenge - I really feel like things like that help me also aswell as the breaking the weightloss down into mini goals rather than focusing on the whole amount.

Good luck!


First of all, Hello and welcome.

If support is what you are after then I feel you are in the right place. I joined here a couple of weeks ago and have had nothing but help, support and advice since. We are a friendly bunch with the same goal. I myself have been up and own with weight and have found success with Slimming world (Which I am doing right now).

I have found that keeping a food diary is a key factor for helping me stay on track. Also looking at other peoples for ideas is a massive plus.

Best of luck to you.


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I have tried every diet going meal replacement, sw, ww cabbage every thing, the thing I need most is support.
So hopefully posting on here will help, xx
I am in the same boat having tried pretty much everything. My latest was intermittant fasting but now am on Exante like Dolly and the weight is dropping off really quickly. It's pretty quiet here but here are a core bunch of us always on here for support :)