Starting CD today.


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Hi everyone -

I did CD last year lost 2 stone (of the 6 needed), had a break and put it all back on.

I'm determined this time but scared of how I'll resist the constant tempations to eat and maintain some sort of social life whilst doing the diet.
I feel a bit embarassed about telling people I'm on the diet - did anyone else have this?

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hi mrsn,
welcome back to cd.
i restarted yesterday and going well so far.
ive done cd twice before and both times i told anyone and everyone that i was doing the cd... however, perhaps because this is my third attempt im not so keen to tell everyone this time around.
i am planning on losing 1-2 stone and then telling the people who are important to me ( the rest dont matter anyway, right).
im doing this for me, im not doing it for anyone else. the only reason im holding back on telling people this time is my fear of failing and disappointing myself and others, although i plan to succeed this time. third time lucky. :)


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:welcome: Welcome Mrs N --

I agree with Cheryl, I told the people with whom I am close. And, I do not make it an issue -- I don't when I am out because I am driving, I don't eat because I already ate, I don't have popcorn at movie because I watching my carbs, etc.

At lot of people think VLCD are fad things, dangerous, etc. I used to try to educate people, but now I just want to do my thing and lose the weight.

The diet is just one part of life -- I do not discuss my sex life with anyone but my partner, I do not discuss this diet with anyone who does not have a "need to know".

You may find the diet very hard the first few days until you are in ketosis, but that first week's losses whould make that all worthwhile. Hang in there - there are people on this forum who have lost over a hundred pounds on CD... their photos and diaries are very inspriational. They are heroic.



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I have only told my OH and one friend. It's no ones business, and I'm not interested in their opinion of it.

I have to say, the hardest element of the diet (other than the first few days) is coming up with excuses for people as to why I am not eating with them. Heavily reliant upon "still in my January health kick mode" at the moment.

People always say - theres a healthy option/there's salad etc etc. My response to that is "I know, but I don't trust myself to not other the chips". If they question this, I then say "do I look like I'm good at not picking chips?" and they usually go quiet as if I wasn't supposed to know that I look overweight!!!
Makes me giggle everytime!

Good luck!


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S: 17st13lb C: 17st4lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.59%)
Thanks for the tips and advice.
I'm just going to have to be honest with certain people and like you say its nobody elses business - I know everyone will be asking if I'm pregnant if I dont drink (which is upsetting cos we are trying for a baby).
Anyway I know I cant stay like this forever - I feel like I'm a walking heartattack waiting to happen right now and I need to be healthy.

2 pints of water down and 1 shake down - how much water should I be having?


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u need a minimum of 2 and half litres water a day but the more the better really.
generally people seem to aim for 3-4 litres.
i generally go for 4 litres. this also helps with the hunger pangs and also helps prevent constipation.