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starting in jan 2010 - new year new me - any advice

Hi Bex - I have lost 6 stone (near enough) and have 4 more to go. It is hard, but soooo worth it!!
My advice ~ read all the threads and post on here whenever you can. It really helps.
I don't know if i would have done so well without this forum.

Best of Luck! xx :)


Gotta Make A Change
It's so easy after the inital 3 days when you get into ketosis :)
I got through it with porridge, peanut bar and the choc and vanilla shakes :)


I will do this!
my tip is hot peanut bar in the toaster or microwave! Was told about it in the first week of the diet and have this most days, it's the best!

Also, for me, it's all in the mindset. I know I had about 4 weeks before I started the diet and I used that time to read this forum and take advice, one bit being from BL where she recommended a good talk to yourself in the mirror. I tried this and it was a hugely powerful experience and keep doing that to remind me why I'm doing this.

Oh, and remember the first few days do end, but for me, not for all, they were hell on earth!
hi there
read up as much as you can about LL
the good and the bad
google reviews and lots will come up - some scary, a lot saying untrue stuff, a lot from bitter failed dieters
but also good stuff

once you have all your questions from your reading, post on here for 'real' peoples advice/opinions and by the time you start in 2010 you will be completely ready! - you will have all the answers when you and other people question what you are doing!

good luck
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Good luck Bex - welcome to minimins & LL.

make sure you use this website for advice, information, guidance, support and a good ole whinge and moan!

Kat xx
Hi Bex
i agree completely with kat - use this site as much as poss - you will find the support invaluable.
It is not easy in the beginning but you will not be able to believe the difference in the way you feel never mind look within a few weeks.
Have fun and enjoy the journey
Milli x
Hi Bex

I started LL on 14 Jan 2009 and 10 months later I'm over 9 stone lighter and about to start reintroducing food on RTM. It can be done. YOU can do it. Be strong and focused.

I can honestly say I have not eaten a morsel of 'normal' food since I started. The first week was tough, but seeing a 9lb loss in four days at the first pop-in was huge motivation as was the rate of loss since. There have been ups and downs, but once in the groove of the diet there was no way I was going to risk everything. I planned how I would cope with various events through the year - weddings, holidays, work outings, etc. Whatever happened I made sure I had my packs and equipment to make them up. Water and coffee and Marigold (savoury drink) passed many an urge. I have learnt to walk away and find something else to do when I'm drawn to the kitchen.

My goals was to change my life by firstly reaching a healthy weight and then learning how to maintain it. I have achieved the first, now for the second of those goals. My life is already improved beyone imagination. I can run, do all the activities with the kids, fit comfortably in seats and harnesses and everything else that is a challenge to a larger person, buy clothes from a HUGE selection of stores, the list goes on and on.

Minimins is brilliant for support, information and advice. Also a great distraction from the kitchen.

Good luck. It's the best decision you have ever made. xx
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HI and welcome!

I would reccomend you use the next several weeks to thoroughly get your head wrapped right around what you are about to do. Mentally prepare yourself will help you immensely.

By doing so, you can start the diet with an overflowing level of commitment, which is what this diet requires.

Do it with a 100% attitude, and you will soar through it. Commit to sticking to it 100% and it will be done in a record amount of time. If you lapse, and start playing around with it, you will struggle.

Once you are "in it to win it", the world is your oyster, and nothing will stop you.

A good, strong mental attitude is essential. You will be at social events, birthdays, holidays etc., where there will be food, and if you start accepting you will not be participating now, will give you the strength you will need at the time.

Its an amazing diet. It changed my life, and countless others. It feels scary at the start, saying goodbye to food, but it becomes amazingly easy. And it is all temporary anyway....and at the end of the day, "Its just food".....and you will be so glad you did it!!!!

Good luck!


Silver Member
Good luck hon - echo everyone's comments above really. What helps me through the feeling of 'missing out' at the events etc BL mentions is to think - you know what, it is only for a short time in the scheme of things, and how happy and confident I will feel when these events roll round again (which they will) when I am target.

Also really can't recommend setting your boundary at 100% abstinence from the get go enough. If you say - well on my birthday I'll eat or at x event I will drink - you are giving yourself permission to keep falling off the wagon - each time you get back on it will be tougher physically and mentally. I have remained 100% abstinent and will remain so through a holiday in Lanzarote in a couple of weeks, and through christmas. That way I know I will reach my target in no time.

I have lost 6 stone and 1 lb so far, (since July 1st) I have another 4 stone and 12 lb to reach my target hopefully in early April 2010. I weighed 20stone 9lb when I started, I weigh 14 stone 8lb now and will weigh 9 stone 10lb at target.

Wishing you the very best luck in the world - LL is a wonderful and life changing thing. My only regret? - Not stumbling across it sooner.



is loving CWP xx
I cannot stress enough how important it is to remian 100% abstinent. Take it from someone who knows. It has taken me 10 months to loose what I should have lost in 5 months due to lapsing. It really isn't worth it.

If you play it by the rules you will see the results. Keep coming on here for help, advice and support. I'm sure there will always be new starters but everyone already on here knows what you are going through as we have all been through it and come out of the other side.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions, air any concerns and also any problems you have whether it be LL related or just life related. You will meet some amazing people who have had amazing journeys both here and in your group. Just use everything and everyone to your advantage!!

Good luck with your journey x x

Thanks for all your replies guys, I went today and filled in the forms and am set, i am set for 4th Jan, looking forward to the new year, i know it be hard and am not going to fail, this is my last chance, no point me moaning about it and crying, i got to do it....


is loving CWP xx
Good luck hun.I can guarantee that this is the best decision you will ever make.
Fab Bexs - good luck with it!

Try not to go mad with overeating over christmas like it is the last supper! It will help with the carb withdrawl when you go into ketosis.

Apparently people put between 2 & 9lb on over the christmas period.

Kat xx
and you will get it Bexs, this place is nothing less than fantastic for advice, information, support and a good kick up the butt if you need one. Never be afraid to ask anything. There are no stupid questions when it comes to us getting this right!

Kat xx
Hiya Bex.

I know exactly how you feel. I have decided (after a year of doubting LighterLife and saying I would never go on it) that January 2010 is the start of a new me.

I did Celebrity Slim last year and it worked ok, until me and the OH decided to buy a house, therefore no monies to spend! But this year, we are staying put.

Another echo of what everyone else has said really. This forum is great. There are so many people out there that want to share their pearls of wisdom, and are there if you ever need anything!

Good luck to us both I say!


Sooz xx

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