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starting lipotrim tomorrow....need support!!

Hey I started yesterday and support is definately the key... This forum has stopped me from disappearing off to the kitchen! Have I started now? How have u found it so far? I had a horrible day yesterday with headaches and feeling very cold.. But today I feel great and am now so positive that I can so this! Everytime u struggle just come on here and chat cuz we are all going through the sane stuff and it really helps :) wish u the best of luck! X
U started not I! Lol


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Hiya Squeeze86,

well today is day one. God it's tough!! Pancake tuesday.....and yes I make a big batch for the kids. It's difficult to remember to not just pop that little piece into your mouth..all the time!!
Glad to hear youe day 2 was better than day 1. That encourages me. Thanks.x
lots of luck Abnid :)x
Hi Abnid, I started on Monday and highly recommend using the forums for support. When you see others not only, going through the same issues as you, but also getting past them it helps you believe that you can do it too.

I’ve also set myself an overall target, but I’ve also, like a lot of other, set a number of small achieve able goal, which give me something to aim towards over the next few weeks. It helps, each time to make a mini goal it reinforces the belief that you can make the overall goal.

Personally, I’m finding it hard not to snack and I’m worried about forgetting I’m not eating, like you say snacking on a piece of pancake with out thinking. However even though I’ve only been “dieting” for a couple of day I actually “feel” thinner and I feel good which, in turn is making it easier to remember and say no.

Good luck with our journey
Best of luch Abnid x
Hey Abnid - how are you doing xx
Hey you all, thanks for all that support. I'm still here and still 100%. I'm not sure how the forum works so I couldn't find this link till today!
Lost 7lbs on first weigh in so very very happy with that. Today is day 12. Can't believe that I have got this far. Not easy tho, but when it feels good in the jeans.....well that's just the best feeling of all!!

How are you all doin?
I'm doing good, still 100% too and I have another 8 lbs off this week! Yeah! I know LT is hard, but seeing the weight come off make is so worth while. Keep going!

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