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Starting LT in a week...How do I prepare?

In the past I have gone on a week long binge before starting a vlcd but I always give up after 4 days!

I am also in ketosis as I am doing atkins at the moment but just feel the need to take food out of the equation.

Anything else I can do to ensure a smooth transition?? Uni is going to be interesting with no drinking :sigh:
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Getting married in July!!
Ts great that your in keytosis cos thats d hardest bit about starting tfr- the first few days before you hit keytosis. So your already well prepared.

You'll need to get the dvd from your pharmacy three days before you start- not all pharmacys impliment this rule but you best check with yours.

Throw out all your food, snacks, drinks etc. You wont need them so why have them there to taunt you. No food in the house = no cheating.

Take measurements of your body and some before photos-side, front and back profiles. These measurements r just for yourself and r a great motivator as d weeks go on. I advise taking naked/ in your underwear photos just for yourself to c, as your body shape will change a lot over the weeks and its really cool to actually see how the body itself has changed rather than just shape. I update my photos every weigh in day but most people only do them periorically.

I can help to make a chart from your weight now to your goal weight. You'll get such a kick marking it off each week and seeing how much closer you are to goal.

Parhaps if you have a photo of u at the size you want to get to- stick it up on your wardrope as a reminder of how great u feel when your slim and how fab you are going to look.

Come up with some mini goals so that your only ever aiming for something achievable and not the overall picture because that can be daunting. Eg of mini goal- be able to comfortably do up those jeans that wont close now.

Think to yourself/ write down why you want to make this change, what will happen if you dont, what weight do you want to be, how do you feel when you have weight on and how u feel when you are slim. I found that having done this really kept me motivated on the days i was finding it tough or wanted to quite because i had already confronted my demons and realised exactly how much my life will change by doing this and how down i was feeling about myself beforehand. It kind of made me feel like i couldnt let myself down and gave me focus cos i knew exactly why im doing it.

And finally... Most importantly... Get excited!!!! You are about to change your life!!!!!!! How cool is that. In no time at all you'll have lost the weight and be looking and feeling great!!!! Your about to start and amazing adventure and your going to love the results! You'll fly through it, especially since your already in keytosis. Enjoy and keep us posted. This forum is great on the tough days- lots of support.

Ps- some things you might want to consider buying;
listerene mouthwash,
Nu phar fresh breath strips-great for on the go,
A handheld shaker- usually available in d pharmacy and you'll get fantastic use of it,
Peppermint tea- which when mixed with the chocolate makes a lovely mint chocolate which is lovely.

wow thanks for the reply!!

I am so excited now! I have lost 50lbs on atkins and I am now at my lowest adult weight so anything from here is me getting alot closer to goal than ever before!

I am very lucky in that I live in halls at uni so I don't have to cook for anyone of have food in the house.

I am going to nip into the pharmacy tomorrow and see what they say. Silly question, but do you have to pay for the DVD?

Thanks again for taking the time to reply x


Getting married in July!!
Yea u give a deposit on d dvd but then when you take it back they subtract that amount from your first weeks costs. You have done brilliantly so far and achieved so much!!!! I think being in keytosis will really help you. Do u test with the sticks or do u know how deeply into keytosis u r? I wish you all the best on this. It is tough at times but its sooo worth it. Xx
I have found the lipotrim video on the website, can I watch this instead?

I reeeeeeally cannot wait to get started! x
oh and yes I did test with the strips, but sometimes if I have had alot of water hey show no ketones when I know full well I am in ketosis :) x
hey racheal
well done so far with your losses, im sure youll fly with lipotrim its really great and with quick results its really motivating, keep us posted on your progress x x x

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