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starting now

well day 1 is here have picked up the pills and will be haveing my first tablet tonight with dinner am scared and excited at the same time

have taken my dog for a 1/2 hour walk as well so hopefully i do well

i dont eat vegies and am not fit so i am a little scared,
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addicted to minimins
If you do not eat veggies try to be sure to take a vitamin supplement and find a source of fiber. :)

Welcome to minimins and welcome to the diet wagon! Good luck, we are all in the same boat and we will support you! :wavey:
I'd say it was probably just a coincidence, hope you are feeling better now though!! The woman at the chemist recommended taking a multivitiamin... I have been having a glass of innocent smooothie as i'm not keen on veg either... Good luck and keep us posted... :D
I'm off bread, so this makes it difficult sometimes when your used to having it at most meals!! Boredom really doesnt help either, i know when i am bored i always want to eat everything that in the house and more lol... Any hobbies you could take up??
That will be great for you, anything to keep you away from food lol... I could do with something as i am currently trying to lose weight and give up cigarettes, which really isnt easy as normally i would have a fag if i was hungry to stop myself eating..arrghh but i will get there.. :)
good luck with both
i live with a house full of smokers and my partner smokes and i dont so i live with it but it dont bother me, but i have seen them when they try to give up not a easy thing especially do both at once,
if my puppy is inside he will take the smoke out of my boyfriends mouth and spit it out its really cute
oh okay fair enough yeah im in new zealand,
i have 5 children (they live with my family) so yeah i ended up heavy as
and then my depression and bi polar dont help
im hopeing to get to my pre pregnancy weight which i dont think is too un realistic and i dont like dieting watched my mum diet all my life did that one in for me , and dont have the money for lap band surgeory like her so yeah long road here we come but am very up beat and happier then i have been in ages
I also have suffered from depression and panic attacks, which i know havent helped either i have been on medications for thi for the past 7 nearly 8 years. I watched my mum dieting all her life and she still is, as she suffers with arthritis in her back and knees, and i know she doesnt want me to end up the same...
I think i would be too afraid to have surgery so this really is my only option, so i am determined to make it work!!

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