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Starting Slimming World Tonight


Call me Nicky xx
I joined 2 weeks ago, was also scared as I went on my own. You will be greeted by your leader who will get you to fill out some forms, all simple stuff. You will then get weighed. My leader then starts the meeting once everyone is weighed and reads out everyones losses, each loss is applauded and where people have gained, she talks about why, what has been different in the food diary. we talk about receipe ideas, we have a raffle, and I know that some do a taster evening aswell. I have to say I wont stay everyweek but it is good to get hints and tips from others. As everyone has the same purpose you wont feel judged or intimated, in fact quite the opposite. Good Luck Hun xx
Its awesome

I joined last week, went on my own, terrified, and very nearly didn't go - I'm glad I did, there is a lovely atmosphere and I left with a sense of purpose and no mor of the nagging feleing of not being sure what to do to lose weight. First weigh in tonight though...fingers crossed!
i went on my own as well, its not as bad as your expecting it to be and i go alone every week, everyone is really nice


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Walking through that door for the first time is the hardest thing but you will be so pleased that you did it. And to use a SW saying - Strangers are only friends we are yet to meet!


Restarting my journey :)
Thanks everyone, I am going at 6pm so will let you know how i get on.



Restarting my journey :)
Well i went and it wasn't as bad as i thought :)


Restarting my journey :)
It would be great to start a diary, i will start one soon :)


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I go with two women from work and my daughter has just started as well. I don't mean to be horrible, but sometimes I wish I went on my own as then I might make new friends instead of sitting with the same people every week!

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