starting to get disheartened


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This may sound silly but i dont feel or i dont think i look like ive lost weight. Lost 2.5lb last week and ive got WI tomorrow but i thought id see a big diference or my clothes would start to loosen.

Im trying to plan my meals and include lots of superspeed foods, but then i look back about what ive eaten and dont think ive done great throughout the week even though ive had lots of fruit and veggies!

Think im just having a moan - but thanks to those who reply or just have a read

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The first weight to go is often water weight -- and not always around your middle! I often first start to lose it from my face. There are also the upper arms and legs that weight comes from. It would make sense to lose a tiny bit from many places, and that would not look very different, but that weight is still gone!

When you're a work in progress and you look in the mirror each morning and each night, it's hard to see the progress you're making. Did you take any "before" shots? You may want to do that and then take another at -10 lbs and compare to see for yourself the difference!

Don't lose faith. You can do it! :hug99:


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Ok you have lost 2.5 pounds, be proud!!!:D you will start to see a difference after around half a stone to a stone. Enjoy and celebrate doing so well and don't dwell on the negatives in life xx


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It's generally around 10lbs at least before you drop a dress size, so probably a bit too early to see a difference in your clothes. I never feel like i've lost weight on a week to week basis, even when i've had huge losses. Over a month however, you'll start to see the difference and realise it's all worth it.

Don't give up on the plan though, you really will see results, and before you know it you'll find your clothes are baggy and you need to go shopping for more!


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Dont be upset, like the girls said first loss is usually water and you dont see a difference till at least 7 pounds i think. I always show on my face first, and last where i want it most from my hips, arms and thighs! x


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My face and shoulders were the first place to really become more noticeable, and it depends to some degree where you are carrying the weight in the first place. I had most of my weight on my stomach and bum so the loss was nowhere near as noticeable there initially as it was where there was less to lose in the first place.

Don't worry - as has been said so often, it didn't go on overnight so it won't come off overnight. Stick to the plan and the results will become more obvious over time.


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Remember that these things take time! I am a super slow coach, 11.5 lbs in 11 weeks! Don't expect miracles, just think if this is something you're going to do for life there's no rush! Time will fly and before you know it you'll be where you want to be


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Don't be disheartened. Just imagine if you had put that on how much you would feel you'd gained well it's the opposite for u!! Well done and just think it's better off than on!!


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thanks to everyone for your replies and advice. Well i went to WI tonight and lost another 2lb, into the 10st category now - aiming for the 9st category now. Cheered myself up with a chinese (syn free for plain chow mein, and 7 syns for chicken curry) syns used for the day - but im happy



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Well done on your losses Jack! They really mount up. BTW I'm from Swansea too - whereabouts are you?