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Hey Guys How are you all this morning? I am joining the Slimming World band wagon today! I go to my first meeting tonight with a friend from work for support. I love food and have read about slimming world and think its perfect for me. Any starter tips? Ignore my signature forgot to up date it, which i was starting at 15st 6lb!
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Good luck :)


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Good luck tonight Jaybird!
I hope you enjoy your meeting and don't be confused by all the info you get tonight- get home and read everything youself and ask any questions on here if your not clear.


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Good Luck and I'm sure you will enjoy SW!

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Good luck for this eveing..I agree it can seem really confusing at the beginning, but make sure you read the books and then post on here your first day diary and we can help you!



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Good luck for this eve! the hardest part is walking in, once you're in, you're in! lol joined 2 weeks ago, and loving it! x

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Hello and welcome x


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Thank you everyone. The meeting was really good. I was shocked at my weight but i half expected it. The only way is down from here!


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Welcome and good luck!
I am sure you will do well. Stick to the plan and you can only lose!


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Well done for joining! You'll soon see results and be so pleased you started!

If you have any questions there's loads of help on here so just ask!

Good luck! x


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Well done on joining! The only way is down :D Took me a couple of days of reading and re-reading the bumpf to get my head round it all, but you can always ask if you get confused!

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Well done for taking that step Hun...the weight will come off before you know it. Just remember to write everything down and if you are unsure of the syns, find out before you eat it...dont just assume that "if its a healthier option it must be better", because that isnt always the case.

Good luck!