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Starting Today

I have started the Cambridge diet today after failing on LL a few months ago. I am determinded to do it this time. But since starting today, I am having to work from home as our offices flooded (too much bloody food at home and cant chuck it out as everyone else has to eat), so I have to spend the day working from home on my own !!!, oh dear. Also made a butterscotch mouse this morning and it looks like poo !! sorry to be so graphic but it is all lumpy, like gelatine lumps in it, what did I do wrong ?. So I am one lumpy mouse, one pint of water and one black tea in and I need help already !!:) Is there anyone else starting today ??
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Hi Claire and welcome to minimins and good luck on starting your weight loss journey :) i only use the tetras so cant help you on the mousse front lol but keep glugging the water and the weight will drop away :)
Hi Claire

I posted on the hourly thread too, but just in case you don't get it.

Me, my sister (slimforlive) and hubby (KramRolyat) all started today. I have the most to lose (wahhh) but know this is the diet for me. I've not done any VLCD before, just Weight Watchers and Slimming World, so I'm still in the "it's all new and exciting" mood lol

I've had about 2.5 litres of water and 2 Choc Tetra's so far and will be trying my first soup tonight. I'm lucky that it's only me and hubby at home so we threw out all temptation yesterday, so even if I did want to crack I couldn't!

How much did you lose on LL?

Lost only about 7lbs on LL, but it really wasnt for me, didnt like the meetings etc and felt really ill at the time, hopefully I will be able to get through this and be nice and skinny for christmas.
How are you getting through your first day hun?
Not bad, all I can think about is food which isnt helping, but sure that will stop soon !, trying to add my photo in my profile when I post and cant !!

Yeah you could easily be at Target for Christmas. My Goal is April next year when I'm going to Florida.

And at least by Xmas I won't feel like a Walrus anymore lol

A friend of mine did LL but didn't last that long ... but she doesn't really stay that long on anything lol A friend of my Sis's lost 5 stone! I've done the group thing with Weight Watchers and Slimming World ... and I have a low threshold for idiots and there's always at least one so I'm glad CD is a more individual thing!

I'm at work right now, trying to keep myself busy! I don't feel hungry at all at the moment, but that's probably because my body is still feasting on what I ate over the weekend lol

I think my problem is our offices got flooded today so we have all had to work at home and I am bored to be honest and on my own !!, keep thinking about hubby coming home, but that will prob be worse as he is eating normally ! Friend of mine also lost 4 stone on LL. Prob didnt help that I had the most fantastic curry last night before starting ! LOL.
Will have a look at them tonight, feel guilty cause on work lap top at mo and they will do that 'Surf Control' thing on all games !!. Stop it with the Curry !!!!! I just found the left overs in the nice little plastic boxes, god so wanted to eat it !!, but then again, my legs look like rather fat Sheek Kebabs at the moment so better lay of the indian food !!
Sounds like you've both got some nice goals to work for, think it helps when you're feeling ready to crumble to remind yourself why you're doing it in the first place :)


this time - the last time
Wow - so many people started today. I did too.

I'm so glad we have this as a support...I really think its what's going to make a difference for me.

Well - good luck everyone!

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