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Starting tomorrow eekk!

Hi i joined this forum quite a while ago , but due to family bereavements i am only now in a position to start.

I have a lot to lose and i am feeling quite daunted but also very excited. I give up smoking new years day + starting cd i am really putting myself through it but would rather go through the s**t feeling once.

Anyway enough babbling , looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing our weight loss experiences.

Roll on tomorrow :gen147:

Andria xx
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Good luck for tomorrow

And just remember this is the first day of your journey to change your life forever!

I also wanted to lose quite a lot of weight, but 11 weeks in even I am suprised how much smaller I am...The struggles are now all worth it!

Wow !!

your doing really well still in two minds whether to do ss or 810 . How are u finding it do u just get into a routine after a while, i have been told i may have headaches and tiredness the first wk or so.

I am just going to take each day at a time rather than looking at the big picture and frightening myself or feeling overwelmed.

Thanks for your reply and good luck to u xx
Ah thanks Daisy doo dah , everyone seems very friendly and helpful, think i may be spending a lot of time on here, Stops me eating and smoking ...... BARGAIN !!!

Thanks for your advice xx

I managed to avoid headaches etc as I drank lots of water - probably 3 - 4 ltrs over the first few days...so had no side effects at all.

I had convinced myself there would be some....but nothing, no side effects what so ever! My CDC had said a lot of headaches were due to dehydration.

It feels really daunting doing something so drastic compared to "Normal" eating, but then it becomes routine after a couple of weeks and you don't really notice then.

Think positive and SHOUT! if you feel as though you may fall off the wagon.

GOOD LUCK to you all on your wonderful journey to success.

Hi Missal good luck with your appointment, i think the daunting feeling is normal as mooee says its taking "normal " eating ( whatever that is) out of the equation .

I have had a look at the inspirational slideshow and if im ever in doubt or having a wobble ( pardon the pun!!!) then those pictures will keep me on the straight and narrow .

Let us know how your appointment goes and good luck xxx
Hi all
the first few days of ss are the hardest but very do-able ;).Once into ketosis things become much more managable and you feel full of energy:D
Keep yourself busy post on here play in the arcade or find a new hobbie I knit everyone scaves :8855: and wrote a recipe book of healthy meals ideas for when I reached goal .There are many on here at different parts of the diet who can give you tips and advice so just shout someone will reply usually in minuets .Good luck to you all on your journeys it can be done stick it out your first weigh in will convince you it is all worth while xx
wohoo join the club!

hi wishing!
im also starting again tmro. xmas just got the better of me bingemas is what it was! i never want to see chocolate etc ever again....i went on cd ss in october then holidays in nov gained some of it back on again but not all thankfully! thru no fault of anyone's but my own stupid choices of food and too much of it! i want to lose 14lbs as quick as poss. going to paris next week the 13th so thats going to be a struggle but im determined to kick start next week by moving in with my brother tmro for the week where there won't be any temptation of rubbish food in the house! best of luck to you!!

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