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:)I am starting lipotrim tomorrow, I am excited, and cannot wait to start losing weight, I have been told on a daily basis how ugly and fat I am since I gained weight, by my husband.
He will not be seen with me in public, and I feel bad for him when he married me I was a size 10 model! now I am an ugly, fat, waste of space only my sons think I am great, so I intend to lose weight and make my husband happy.
I will do it. I owe it to him.

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Welcome Noktula!!!!!



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Oh my God. I can't believe that someone who is supposed to love you for better or worse would say that to you. Please please don't abuse yourself like that. It will lead down a very self destructive path and I bet you are georgous. Tell him where to stick his opinions and keep quiet if he has nothing nice to say. I hope he will be supportive on this diet as you really need a support network and someone to talk about food with. I found that a daily diary really helps and I read back throu it a few days ago and noticed that 'fat ugly cow' was a phrase i used far too often. By admitting that i was worth the effort and that i needed to look after myself was a huge turning point for me (i still feel a bit guilty at the money i spend on this rather than my little girl) and i did spend more than this on takeaway in retrospect. Hope your Husband gets himself an attitude adjustment as a wife is not just a shiney trinket to show off but a partner and a best friend that you should be able to tell anything. Good luck on your weight loss journey honey and make sure you do it for you. You are the most important person. xxxx
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Hey there, welcome along, and id first of all like to say that as a anti-sexist male there is not enough space on this page to say the things id like to say about your 'husband'! you are what you are! Please dont change for him, change for you!! Anybody who talks down to somebody like he has done to you doesnt deserve somebody like you!

On a more normal note, really really good luck on LT it is difficult at first but after a while it becomes habit :) some helpful advice which you will prob get from everyone is you can drink the shakes through a straw seems to last longer and i mix my shakes with crushed ice! Its the simple things ay?

Anyway all the best and if your feeling down or need any help or just a chat we are always hear to help :D good luck and you are NOT a waste of space!

Dave x


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If he married you only for your shape and size, to show you off like a cool car - then he really needs help to say the least.

Having said that, you are to be commended for wanting to make him happy. Too many women neglect looking good, but fail to take into account their husbands needs and desires. If you want your bloke to keep his eyes on you, make sure he has something nice to look at and be satisfied with.


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I hope you want to lose weight for you and no one else! We have to like ourselves otherwise we cant expect anyone else to like us!
I am so sad that you are doing this for him. You have given him gorgeous children and I'm sure you are not ugly or a waste of space. I'm sure you are gorgeous inside and out and he should consider himself lucky to have you. I can relate to you as I did this 1 year ago, got thinner then my husband cheated on me, so getting thinner didn't solve anything! Then I put all the weight back on comfort eating but this time round I did it for me and no one else and I still have some to lose but I'm starting to feel happy with the person I am. You can do this and I'm sure you will get lots of support on here. Good luck and take care.xx
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Hi honey and welcome.
I am appalled at what your husband has said to you, I only hope for his sake he is still as 'perfect' as he was when you married!
If my husband had said such a thing to me, the first bit of useless weight I would be losing would be him!
Make sure you are doing lipotrim for the right reasons, as it is not an easy diet, especially in the first few days. You will need the love and support of your family, especially your husband. Your sons obviously adore you for who you are, and your husband should be very grateful to be married to such a dedicated wife!
Lots of luck with the lipotrim journey, and please be proud of yourself the whole way! You are beautiful inside and out, whatever size you are.

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