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Starting tomorrow!

Hi, I'm starting Lipotrim tomorrow! I'm a little apprehensive but know that this is the only way I can kick-start myself into losing weight. I feel I've got so much to lose and nothing else seems to have worked. I've read so many threads on here and everyone seems so positive - I hope it rubs off on me.


I've got lots of support - my husband, sister, parents and Aunty are right behind me 100% (my Aunty is even helping me to do it financially!), so that's spurring me on to do it too.

Fingers crossed my first week isn't too bad! :fingerscrossed:
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Aww.. thats brilliant you have so much support! Only my Hubby & my Mum know I'm doing this (and even my Mum thinks I have a 'proper' meal in the evenings) as I couldn't hack all the usual VLCD comments (like- oh you'll just put it all back on, etc. etc.)
It is hard, and you will find it tough going- but once you get through the first few days, then have your first weigh-in, you'll be flying!


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Good luck suzysparkle youve just made a life changing decision coming on this total food replacement programme. I can trulu say it works and im not saying it is easy, as the first few days your body adjusts to the diet, but after week one its plain sailing from there, in myself ive experienced no hunger at all and a really good sense of wellbeing. Its good you have the support of your family and of course you will have the support of all us lipotrimmers on here, any questions just ask :)
The best advice I can give as Jan is always saying is WATER WATER WATER, (4 pints min) drink plenty off it and it will keep away pangs and do you the world of good.
Good luck Suzy and I look forward to hearing about your weigh in next week.
Jodie xx


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Hi Suzysparkle,
welcome, best of luck with your first week. Look at the weight I have to lose, that's lots however here I am 4 weeks on with 2 stone down, that is possible!! I have tried everything for years to lose weight, to motivate myself, to exercise more, to be healthy and nothing has worked, the most I have ever lost before was 1 and a half stone then kept gaining and losing it and gaining, get the picture?. You will lose weight on this once you stick to it 100% and drink the water, which is very important. Take it easy the first few days, you may find it hard but once ketosis kicks in you will be flying. Come on here as often as you can to read, share and be motivated and inspired. We would all find it harder if it wasn't for this forum.
So best of luck.
Thanks everyone. In a strange way I'm actually looking forward to it! x


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Hi Suzysparkle, just started lipotrim 3 days ago, today has been hard, very cold and week, but the strange this is that It has passed and I feel great, I did this diet about 4 yrs ago and it really really really works so just think that do it this once and the lbs r off. I refeed and didn't put the weight back on for ages, that is until I got pregnant etc etc. Tried the ww, atkins, no good for me so back to the shakes as It really works. Great that you have support form your family. frim can't wait x
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hi and good luck with it

I started again today, just to get through the first few days then your laughing and its very rewarding to do


Here we go again!
Good luck for today Suzy! You will be fine. Just drink plenty of water and stay positive. My first week wasn't too bad at all, not too hungry and only had to get rid of cravings, they go after 10 mins so not too bad at all.

I have a lot of support at home too and it makes all the difference. Stick with it and you will get to your goal!


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Hi Suzysparkle, good luck today, in 7 days time you will get on the scales and you will feel elated with the results. Your mind is focused, your body is ready, so go for it. This has got to be the best forum I've ever been on. Look forward to seeing your posting of your fab results!


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Hey suzysparkle how you gettin on?


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:welcome2: To the totally fab world of Lipotrimmers!!! Give it your 100% commitment, :7834: :7834: :7834: the water, like you are a camel....don't give up, no matter how you feel....just come on here and get the total support and encouragement from all of us who are going though/gone through everything and come through the other side successfully. Best of luck!!!
Doing ok up to now! Tried a bar for lunch - don't think I'll be doing that again in a hurry (they're not for me!). :yuk:

I'm just enjoying a nice mug of Peppermint tea :coffee: and looking forward to my shake later on.

Need to drink a lot more water - don't feel like I've had enough. Had a meeting after work which dragged on and I forgot to take my bottle in with me! :doh:

Looking forward to tomorrow!

1 day down- 6 to go!



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and good luck with your LT journey:)
I'm on week four and I now quite like the bars:faint2:! I tried on in the first week and found them disgusting?? Must be a change in my tastebuds after going on nearly a month with out the taste of normal food. Good luck on your first week :)
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Hiya Suzi. Welcome to the best diet ever :) Hope the first day is treating you well. I find using a straw aswell when drinking the water helps to get more down!! And the more you drink the more you lose ;)
Once you get past the first week you will be flying. When you step on the scales and see the weight youll have lost in that first week youll be just floating on cloud nine thru the second week. :D
Just take any headaches or tiredness as a sign that the lipotrim is kicking in and doing its job and you are now burning the lbs away :)
Best of luck hun xox Missy


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hey ther and good luck hope you get wher you want 2 be with this diet i can reely sey it has helped me loads and im neerly wher i wona be in just a few weeks no other diet could have done this for me


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Well done for getting your first day over with. I'm starting again today as well to get my 3lbs off !

Good luck.


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Hey. Good luck with your 1st week. Once the first week is over, you'll be full of energy and life! I think its fab to have your family behind you. I did have support but i could just tell some people were lookin at me with that 'you'll pile it all back on' look! Well, i proved them all wrong cause i have kept the weight off for over a year now and if i ever feel a couple of pounds creeping on, i always have a few sachets in my cupboard cause i will never ever let myself put the weight back on.

Good luck with your journey SuzySparkle and if your ever feeling down or feel like your gonna fall off the wagon, then come on here! I honestly dont think i could have done it without this forum! Its fab..

Any advice needed, let me know xxx
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Stick at it i found after day 3 it got easier. I am now having a bit more variety strawberry or vanilla with ice cubes and chocolate with a little coffee in and a chocolate mouse believe me it tastes delicious and i feel like i have actually eaten mind over matter i feel full oh yes i do keep it up you can do it

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
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good luck hun it can be done just look at what iv lost and i have never been able to stick to any other diet before but because u loose it so quik its very encouraging! keep posting and think thin lol xx


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Welcome SuzySparkle
You have support behind you which is a great start! I reiterate what everyone has said, it is the best diet ever! And the weight loss is next to none. No other diet offers this.
Hope you are getting through Wk1 ok.

Take care

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