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starting tonight and 2 quick questions!!


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like the title says I'm starting tonight - v excited - and have 2 quick questions.

1. I've heard from people that you have your photot taken on the first night, which I'm fine with so do I wear things to hide my shape for those true 'fat' days I have and no make up and just look blah, like a lot of before pictures you see for makeovers!! or I was thinking about wearing something that I think I look good in so then I can see my best at worst (if you get what I mean, with hair and makeup sorted. what do you think?

2. I've seen people say they have charts and spreadsheets tracking your weight loss, do you have like a tracker sheet at LL that records it like the card with weight watchers?

3. In what week do you get the pedometer?

Sorry I now realise they weren't quick questions, and there were also 3 of them!!!


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I was in my work clothes when I got my photo done on Monday and had a big cheesy grin...its all down to preference! And about the pedometre I think you get that 2nd week as I am looking forward to getting mines on Monday wooo!

Good luck for tonight...what you will have to do is go in and pick what sachets you would like I picked one of each best to try them all and get the disgusting ones out of the way!! Then you will be taken through one by one to get weighted measured and the fabbie photo done!

Good luck!

Have fun!!!!!

Jodiexx :)
oops forgot to say you get a record book where they note your weight each week and there is also a bit for measuremennts, water intake, and an agreement bit as well it will all come to light when u go


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Cool thanks for that!! My fiance wonders how I managed to do anything before the internet as everything I do I have to research and get as much info as possible!!

Thanks again

I think this Minimins is a god send or i would of given up first day! don't worry about the milk shake flavours honestly when ppl tried to tell me I will get used to them i was like yeah right!!!!!!!! Ok i wouldn't say they are the tastiest in the world but you get buy i would defo suggest making muffins its easier to get down honestly,,,,,,,

you will be fine!!!! everyone's taste is different though!! CHicken soup i would say is the "tastiest" soup! and defo get the water flavouring it breaks it up a little!!

I have my first drop in today sooo hopefully I have lost but doubt it after 3 days!

Take care and good luck

Jodie x
Hi Pbfhpunk , Just seen that your in Wawickshire. I go to Sue in Stratford for my sessions? Are you the same?


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No, I'm starting in Rugby which is where I live but just sold my house (yay!!) and moving to Leamington but as I work in Rugby then I'll mooch round after work until the class starts!!

Oh great news. I've just moved out of Leamington - it really is a lovely town to live in. I was about to say and has some lovely resturants - Dohhhhh :doh:

Your probably right to stay with the Rugby class the Leamington one was at very strange times. thats why I ended up at Stratford.


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WARNING CHEEK AHEAD!!! ***As you're a leamington lass, perhaps you could sponsor my fiance!! he's cycling 700km for Macmillan Cancer support. Justgiving - David Does 'Nam! He's why we're moving to leamington he's so happy - he hates Rugby!! Going to llok at some houses on Saturday,we've got about 8-10 weeks to move so I figure I'll be quite a way through LL so should be ok!!

I know what you mean about restaurants though!! One of his customers owns an indian place near the cineam and we get free meals!! And it was bad enough going there when I was on weight watchers!!



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It was good, got the record card, a couple of leaflets and the shaker and enough drinks to last until pop-in on Sunday. didn't get the bag and is there meant to be like a big green book we get too as didn't get that if there is!

Got weighed which wasn't bad think I've pretty much stayed the same so that's good. Had to do some 'getting to know you' exercises, group is a mixed bunch but that's cool. Asked counsellor about coke zero and she said no, I didn't tell her which site I found it on, but I think she knows!! as she said that site says alot of things and people do it and say to her I'm not losing and she asks what they've done and finds out they read that they can have the fresh breath strips which they can't! she said to ask about everything and she's glad I felt I could ask her on the first night!! to be hones tI don't like Coke zero so not too sure why I asked in the first place!!

Hi there!

The green foundation book and the bag will be given after the first week.

As for Coke Zero - it was mentioned in Cambridge Diet forum but it is not allowed in LL. Water flavourings are good enough for me!

Good luck with your first week - keep coming for support!! This site truly is a godsend!!!


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ok thanks for that. We had a taste of the flavoursing but to me they tasted like the bottom of a glass you've just dissolved an asprin in! SoO not sure how I'm going to cope with that, so laid off it this time!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Ha ha that first taste is always gross, if you try the same things a week after doing LL & later on in the programme, they will taste better to you.
Even that 'cardboard' - nutcrunch is delicious.
You may need the flavourings if you are going to do any of the recipes, which I did on about week 5, when I started getting bored.
I wouldn't be without my lemon biscuits, fridge cake, vanilla cheesecake or blackforest gateau!
I would have probably given up by now.
So don't despair, you will probably enjoy them eventually.
Its al definately an aquired taste and your tastes do change! Not sure wht you LLC said you couldnt have the mint wafer strips - mine said you could & I would be lost without them as the breath SOOOOO bad!! Superdrug sell them in the chewing gum bit...I have them everyday and NEVER gone out of ketosis!
Its al definately an aquired taste and your tastes do change! Not sure wht you LLC said you couldnt have the mint wafer strips - mine said you could & I would be lost without them as the breath SOOOOO bad!! Superdrug sell them in the chewing gum bit...I have them everyday and NEVER gone out of ketosis!
Thats funny you should say that, I was just about to post about them.

I have been using Listerine Mint Strips since week 2, and touch wood, have never affected Ketosis!!! :D:D:D

Also, I have been having Smints (the blue pack) for the last 3 weeks too, and those too, touch wood have not taken me off Ketosis! woohoo

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