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Stephen Fry

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Yes I have seen him! On Top Gear (Yawn for you ;)) He looks ok but his face looks gaunt...


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There was a photo of him in The Daily Mail last week, he looked very trim and he was wearing lovely clothes that fit him like a dream, but as Sarah says he looked gaunt around his face - I think maybe he has taken the weight loss a little to far, apparently he was 21 stones, well done to him though, and he lost it all in about 6 months!!!
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wow, he does look good. i had no idea he was that tall - 6ft 5 - blimey!!


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I think he looks great! The voice of Harry Potter!


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I agree - he's fantastic on the audio books and makes the stories come alive. I feel sorry for the yanks who get someone else reading them.

I think he looks great! The voice of Harry Potter!

Scarlet Daisy

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Woah! He looks like Richard Madeley! Luckily he has kept his own brain though. Thanks for the link, I was very curious.

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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Ohhhhhh I have Top Gear on Sky +, must go and watch it (sooooo not yawn for me lol).....
God, Stephen Fry looks the buisness now doesnt he.? I cant believe he weighed that much before, it must be because he is so tall he carried it better or something....


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Think he looks great he has lost his weight quiet fast so give it a couple of months for his body to catch up and he will look bloody fantastic .Well done him another winner see it can be done :)


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I think he looks great. I don't think he looks gaunt...that's just the shape of his face. Amazing.
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He looks fab - it sounds so odd to think 15 stone is a "slim" weight !

OH is 6 foot 6 and anything under 15 stone is just too skinny on him. He was 13.5 stone at one point, with a 28 inch waist and just emaciated.


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I saw Top Gear on Sunday night and had this very conversation with the OH, I thought he looked very tired and the skin round his face was very baggy - is that the right way to descibe it?? It will take a while for his body to adjust though and i'm sure in a few months he will look even better than now. Good going for him though he is bloody marvelous for doing it. I was however extremely surprised about him admitting to using "Grinder" on his phone - personally I had never heard of it before watching TG!!!
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i thought his face made him look a bit poorly tho

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