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Stephen Fry

Yes I have seen him! On Top Gear (Yawn for you ;)) He looks ok but his face looks gaunt...


Slow but sure....
There was a photo of him in The Daily Mail last week, he looked very trim and he was wearing lovely clothes that fit him like a dream, but as Sarah says he looked gaunt around his face - I think maybe he has taken the weight loss a little to far, apparently he was 21 stones, well done to him though, and he lost it all in about 6 months!!!


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I think he looks great! The voice of Harry Potter!

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
Woah! He looks like Richard Madeley! Luckily he has kept his own brain though. Thanks for the link, I was very curious.
Ohhhhhh I have Top Gear on Sky +, must go and watch it (sooooo not yawn for me lol).....
God, Stephen Fry looks the buisness now doesnt he.? I cant believe he weighed that much before, it must be because he is so tall he carried it better or something....


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Think he looks great he has lost his weight quiet fast so give it a couple of months for his body to catch up and he will look bloody fantastic .Well done him another winner see it can be done :)
He looks fab - it sounds so odd to think 15 stone is a "slim" weight !

OH is 6 foot 6 and anything under 15 stone is just too skinny on him. He was 13.5 stone at one point, with a 28 inch waist and just emaciated.
I saw Top Gear on Sunday night and had this very conversation with the OH, I thought he looked very tired and the skin round his face was very baggy - is that the right way to descibe it?? It will take a while for his body to adjust though and i'm sure in a few months he will look even better than now. Good going for him though he is bloody marvelous for doing it. I was however extremely surprised about him admitting to using "Grinder" on his phone - personally I had never heard of it before watching TG!!!

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