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Still feeling so cold

S: 17st7.4lb C: 14st2.4lb G: 10st3.3lb Loss: 3st5lb(19.15%)
Hiya everyone!

well its bee a week since i've been on the LLT and though I feel good and i'm not too hungry ever and have much more energy, I feel so cold. My hands and feet are freezing... i'm cold all the time.
Is this a normal effect on LLT which will subside as I gradually go on the programme?? or can should I do something about it? :confused:

Thanks in advance
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Hi Sharnjit
well done on sticking the week.
I'm on my 6th week and if sitting still I do find that I feel cold.
I remember this from last time I did LLT as well.
All I do is have a hot drink and if that doesn't work I get up and move around, waiving my arms up and down above my head like star jumps and marching on the spot a bit to get blood flowing.
This normally works until I've been stationery for a while again.
I would suggest you mention it to your LLC and ask for reassurance.

Mr Gilbo

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It's a normal thing for being on LL. It's because your body is running on a bare minimum and it considers heating the hands, feet, ears and nose as not necessary.


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I'm constantly cold which i find strange as i can usually go in in the snow in a tshirt (but I'm sure my blubber kept me warm) I've read and been told that it is just one of the signs of ketosis. stole my daughters duvet yesterday whilst lying on the sofa she wasn't impressed! xx


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Unfortunately, I have reached that 'funny' time of life when I have started having 'Tropical Moments' so being cold hasnt effected me! :D

:banana dancer:


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Yep - it's a common side affect. I have hot drinks or a lovely hot bath - and a blanket in the living room! My husband thinks we live in a sauna...


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Yep, our heating is on all the time and I have an extra radiator next to me in my office. Moving around helps or sometimes i just have a really hot shower.

As Mr G pointed out it is a side effect and is to do with your body slowing down. it won't stay this way once you starty eating more though.

The warm weather is coming so just wrap up warm till then.
S: 17st7.4lb C: 14st2.4lb G: 10st3.3lb Loss: 3st5lb(19.15%)
Thank you everyone for the replies.
Everyone in my family think i've gotten ill because i'm always freezing even with a duvet over me and the heat on. LOL
But i've started drinking some of the shakes hot which is actually quite relieving.
woohooo im so happy to know that i'm in ketosis...
Hope everyone is well x

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