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:D Hiya this has worked on other forums so here goes.

It was the end of a long hot day I had just mixed a large iced cold chocolate mint CD and had my icy fizzy summerberries water beside me.

All the doors and windows were open the dog lay at my feet with the fan blowing up his nether regions, suddenly I heard a noise coming from the garden or was in in the lounge:eek:

The dog looked spooked I knocked my CD over, sod it that was my dinner! My three legged cat disappeared behind the curtain, OMG it was................
the Pizza delivery man, trying to stuff a 12'' deep pan with extra pepperomi through my letter box and waving through the glass door. GO AWAY i cried, i dont want it...
The smell was wafting through the porch and into the lounge i was salivating at the thought of biting into that thick crust, when i realised it wasnt just a 12'' pizza he was waving at me......
And theres more

It was his pepperami sausage in his hand - whattodo:confused:

I quickly tried to lick up my milkshake but it had dried onto the carpet - not nice mate I can tell you.

Go away I cried I then heard another noise from behind me...........:rolleyes:
this time is was the old fella from next door, he had been hedgetrimming the privet, his ladder had slipped and he was precariously hanging from a branch of the sycamore tree.

i diddnt know what to do first, help the hanging gardener, grab the large peperomi or get the vax out and clean up the dried in mint shake from my luxurious cream shagpile carpet
Suddenly the lights went out and there was a chill in the air.

The dog started a low growl then swiftly disappeared followed by three legged cat still eating a mouthful of kittycat crunchies.

i followed the trail of half chewed kittykat crunchies down the hall, the chill in the air made the hairs on my arms stand out, i shivered. i held my breath, i could hear the sound of my own heart beating inside my rigid body. my senses at high alert, i took another step towards the......
loo, blimey this diet does make you wee a lot but it will be worth it in the end. I then went to the end of the hallway and opened the door, a door I had opened many times before, to my surprise there was a secret passage. I followed a distant glowing light
the light was so pretty, i felt like a moth totally entranced by the beautiful glow, i couldnt help myself, i knew i probably shouldnt put i stepped through the doorway and found myself in the secret passage. the path led me through the airing cupboard, past the emmersion heater, i brushed the cotton sheets to one side so i could see farther along the secret passageway, it seemed to follow a steep drop down, i gingerly kept walking until feet slipped from beneth me and i was sliding down the tunnel on my bottom.........
It seemed like an eternity but eventually I came to an abrupt stop the light was still in the distance but had changed colour now and was an eerie green. I stood up the ceiling was very low, I moved slowly along the path and then.......
all of a sudden i came across a doorway. I wondered what on earth was on the other side of the door. it was an old wooden door, painted green, arched at the top like a church door, there was no handle, no knocker just a doorbell. for a moment i wondered where the light was eminating from, and as i looked around me, i saw sitting on a little stone ledge a very large plump worm like creature about 4 inches long and his tail was glowing green like a little torchlight in the darkness. it was a gloworm! it smiled at me, a wide toothless smile, and then to my utter surprise he said........
The worm quickly snatched the cranberry bar, I'm not sharing this with the others. He quickly opened the door and shoved me in leaving a chocolate wormy mark on me back, the swine:eek:

(Hey devonbabe looks like no-one else whats to play with us:D )
the door slammed behind me. the gloworm, climbed back onto his shelf on the left of the door, and with a chocolaty grin he pushed the doorbell..almost immediatly i heard scuffling, the noise became louder, and soon i could distingush the sound of many little feet coming towards me. as my eyes become accustomed to the dimly lit corridoor i saw them....
the residents of the Big Brother House followed by Russel Brand and Dermot O'Leary all crying out for choccie bars - what to do - I was afraid - very afraid:eek:
'dont come any closer' i cried. i pulled from my handbag my battery operated aerolette whisk, flicked it on and brandished the whizzer towards them. Russell looked particular scared, he turned to run and pushed past Leah bounced off her 30M sized breasts. Dermot saw my whirring whisk precariously close to his genitals and decided to..
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confess that he feels just like the rest of the country and that it's Pete that he wants to spend the rest of his life with and raise Nicky as their own child.

However, at this point.....
A voice boomed around the room...........

Hello this is Davina you are live on Minimins please do not swear. To that everyone said sod off and ran from the whirling aerolette and disappeared down the end of the passage way.:p

I was surrounded by silence and the memory of Russell bouncing off Lea's ample boobies.:eek:

What to do now I knew I couldn't go back I moved slowly down the corridor, it suddenly split into two, which way left or right.............:confused:
no right...
i couldnt decide which would be the better option. left could be the safer option, but then again...maybe right was the right way to go.

i couldnt i played spin the aerolettte whisk and which ever direction it pointed in thats where i would follow.


so very cautiously i took my first steps along the left tunnel.

i wondered where it would lead me to, and i also wondered what i was stepping on that made the crunching noise under my feet i reached down and felt
a bony hand attached to a bony arm attached to nothing:eek:

I ran further down the corridor, the floor began to get wet and sandy and I could smell the salty sea air, had I stumbled on a smugler's cave:eek:

And where was the rest of the body?