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Have been struggling since start of the month, and I've only lost 3lbs this is my 3rd wk and my OH had offered to have a shake in the evening with me to help me stay focused.

I went to asda & got him the asda's meal replacement £4 for 450g tub, don't know how many it will make but it saves me dipping into my shakes, then I'd end up being left short.

Hopefully he will lose weight aswell
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I know exactly how you are feeling as I am the same! Just can't seem to get back on track :mad: I think it's really hard to restart, if like me you came off plan for Xmas and new year! :cry:

Sue :D


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When i need to restart i always start of with having 4 shakes instead of 3. Maybe it will help :)


I lurve lurve lurve bars
if youre struggling you could always try 810 then move down when youre feeling more positive that way you will be in ketosis when you start on ss x