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Struggling, need help, want to come back ready

right here goes delve into my life

im lyns , im overweight and have been for a long time now
im unhappy in my skin, i lack self confidence, i feel useless at sticking to anything , im scared of losing weight to be left with saggy skin, i want to be so much more and feel like i need a quick fix and expect too much too soon .
SW works i know that i started in 2010 march 23rd and at 14 st 3.5lbs and i managed to lose 1 st 4lbs and somewhere after that its all started going wrong im now sat here at 14st 4lbs and 'taking a break' from SW to try and figure out what the hell is going on.
my mum joined with me and lost 2.5st and has maintained now at that loss for nearlly 10 mths i see it as good on her and as an inspiration to me but dont know whether its stuck in my head that i should be there too and should try and forget what i already achieved and really wipe the slate clean to start again thats why im taking this break its the firt time ive ever done it and hoping its the break i need to clear my head and re start properly.
on the otherside and it take me alot to say my sister is ill, she has cancer , she is terminal, she was diagnosed and we knew about the terminal aspect as and when i was losing so cant see how it may be affecting me and my commitment to SW but latelty she has had severve worse episodes and scares so i guess its like 'whats my weight problem when my sister is dying' attitude but realised despite that this is my battle and need to do this for my sake and my sister being ill cant and wont make me succeed or fail but it has been preoccupying my thoughts just now
thanks for reading if you still got to this point and any advice , thoughts, ideas will be greatly appreciated
much love to you all
Lyns xxx
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You will not be the first or last person who lost weight, only to put it back on again. I imagine lots of people on this forum are yo-yo dieters hun, so don't beat yourself up. I am the other way - in that I have stuck my head in the sand for years and never tried to loose weight until this year.

You will also not be the first person who has lost focus due to something happening to your family - again, don't beat yourself up.

Finally - you need to do this for you, not for your sister. Please don't take that as me being insensitive - I just mean that you cannot live any of your life for someone else. If you do decide to loose weight again, do it for you.

Whatever you do, cut yourself a bit a slack hun x
thanks so much i realise the same but nice to hear someone else say it out loud if you get me?!
thanks for reply and well done on your weight loss
i already know im coming back just i guess had to give my self some ' thinkin space' to remind myself that i need this for me and no i dont think youre being insensative at all and in fact my sister said the same she says to me i widh it could be you losing weight not me (as shes losing without trying) a big sign that she s fighting a losing battle now after 4 years of treatment and told 2 years left max, last easter bless her even in her illness shes rooting for me!! xx anyways off on a tangent i go
thanks for your encouragement ill be looking back on these posts in my new journey xx
well having a nice evening with my boys helping them do coursework and having a cuppa had beef n rice from chinese
sister had a visit from macmillan nurse changing meds to help with pain relief and see her in a week and her scan date brought forward to sept 8th so will see more whats going on xx
had a big heart to heart with my Consultant and between us we 've decided im not WI for a couple weeks i can then 'lapse ' as a member then im re joining and sitting in on new member talk new book fresh start completely
its the final stage of feeling prepared and ready to do this and properly this time no slacking off when i reach my first milestone (1st)
im not feeling happy with this stuffed bloatyh feeling ive got returned so i know the plan as a whole is a good thing for me to be doing and to stop telling myself i have to lose as quick as 'so n so' or 'mrs whoosit' or 'ms skinny over there' lol xxx
Hi,first of all I just wanted to say I'm so sorry about your sister. I lost my dad earlier this year so I know where ur coming from.
I think you and your C have made the right decision for you right now. Your heads not in a great place at the moment and there's far more important things going on in your head than losing weight.
I think when u have your new member talk it'll help, cos you'll be starting afresh. You can view it as a new beginning and I'm sure that'll help. The main thing, as you've said, is not to compare yourself to others. You're you, you're unique, there's nobody else in the world quite like you! So subsequently your weight loss will be different to everyone elses too. I should know, I've lost 8.5 stones so far but it's taken me 3 years and I still have a fair way to go. But that's ok. This is MY weightloss journey, nobody elses! I don't have any other great advice for you, just wanted you to know I feel for you and wish you lots of luck xx

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