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Struggling to find takeaway syns

Hi all

I'm not sure whether I'm just being stupid, but I rejoined SW yesterday after 3 years and I cannot for the life of me find any of the takeaway foods I need to find in the app/on the website!

I'm specifically looking for sweet and sour tofu, crispy fried seaweed (chinese), and a generic stuffed crust veggie pizza (medium) and a thai red curry with tofu. I'm sure it used to be easier than this! Is there an upto date book I can buy with it all in?

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They have stopped doing the directories now as things change that often. If I cant find something from the 'takeaway section' on the app type in 'chinese & thai Restaurants/Takeaways' and then whatever you want. If I cant find something. I type in the item and choose the highest syn value just to cover. With the pizza.... if you have a box in mind. You can use the syn calculator when you sign in online. Hope this helps. Any more hints and tips dont hesitate to ask :)
Thanks FruitLoops, that's a really good tip I never knew :) Hopefully it'll make this weekend a little easier. I'm keeping a note of all the things I manage to find eventually - I only ever eat the exact same dishes from each kind of takeaway as I'm a bit stuck in my ways, so it's not a long list haha :)

Well done on your loss so far! You're doing great! :)


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Haha I'm the same. Either chow mein or chicken in black bean sauce with plain boiled rice (6.5 syns) incase that what you get haha. Hopefully it wont scupper your whole week.

Thank you. Still a looooong way to go. Joined a gym today too. Joined for the aqua classes
I usually have tofu in sweet and sour sauce, but I noticed how low the black bean sauce was the other night and gave it a try, wasn't bad, just a bit spicy for me so I might try again next time but ask them for less spice. I'm a real wimp with spice as you can probably tell haha! I also miss the sweetness of the sweet and sour though... but I only get a max of 15 syns a day, save them all for my weekend takeaway and drink, so I have to try to make them last ;)

I know what you mean, it seems like an age away to get to where we want to be, I only restarted last week after 4 years off thinking I could go it alone and just 'eat less rubbish' (I was wrong, I need the discipline of a plan to work to!). What's keeping me going this time is knowing that once I get to my goal weight, I can increase my syns a bit - then I can fit in my weekly dominos without worrying so much haha! Also, I've worked out roughly what month I could reach my goal in if I don't fall off track, and I'm now mentally thinking to myself I will be at my goal weight when I do that thing I have planned after that date... I can't wait to buy clothes from a 'normal' size range, and shop in normal shops. That will be something I've not done in 16+ years. Also the thought of how much more energy I'll have really spurs me on when I don't have to lug the extra weight around. I've likened it to the amount of spare 'cats' I'm carrying around at the moment lol. A cat averages 7lb, so I have about 10 cats stuck to me holding me down right now. Perhaps I should get a little chart on the fridge as I lose the cats lol.

Aqua aerobics is great fun when you have a good teacher, I did it on holiday last year and actually looked forward to it every day. The guy was crazy, I think I used more calories laughing at how fast he was suggesting we should go than I did from the actual exercise :) The gym's always good too - the more muscle we have, the higher our resting metabolism, so I'm going to try to get back to the gym and focus on building some muscle up, with just a little cardio for general fitness :)


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Bloody love dominoes. We usually have dominos every 2 months. As a treat. Can't wait to start aqua fit again. Loved it. But I'm the type of person that quits easily. But I cant this time. I have loads to lose. I get too disheartened if I dont lose what I want or whatever. So I set myself mini goals throughout the year. Good luck in your journe y:)
Sounds like a good plan, if mini goals work for you, that's the main thing :)

I have the same problem, I quit easily. But seeing my stick-thin dad have a stroke and watching my own blood pressure and cholesterol on the rise is also a big wake up call. And it's not like we can never have our favourite stuff ever, we just need to have it at the right time... I could never stick to something which never let me have some of what I really want sometimes. It'll all be worth it in the end :) If you need any support feel free to give me a shout. I think you're doing amazingly :)