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Slimming for my children
Just plain old hungry!
Been hungry 100% of the time for two days.
I went into Sainsbury's as my boyf was late meeting me after work, problems on the train as usual. And picked up a ploughmans baguette got in the queue and got about 3 people from the front and snapped at myself and said why are you doing this? If you break it you will just be on this diet longer. And walked back and put it back down.
Trouble is, i work up town and my office hasnt got any kitchen to go and sit in for lunch so i have to wonder the streets and thats when its hard. either that or sit at my desk and get hounded with things to do!
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Strong women stay slim
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Buy lots of pamper things in your lunch hour or buy a mag ... it won't be long before you can have your life back :) . That was really good that you said you will only be on the diet longer and you put it back . And yes french bread .. hey i was only thinking of french bread yesterday ... carb thats what it was .


Slimming for my children
lol i have no money to buy anything as its all going on lighterlife.
its a case of What do I do with myself every day? I would join the local gym but I cant afford it! Its so so hard.
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Well done for putting the baguette back, you were very strong and you did the best thing as you would have felt so much wore if you had bought it and eaten it.

Things to do - go for walks, buy a cheap bike and go for rides on that, go visit friends/family, take a neighbours dog for a walk, read, knit, come on here, clean up (even better come clean my house up :)), make plans for your slim future.... absolutely anything but eat.

You've done so well and you can carry on doing so - stick to it and you'll very soon be at your goal -- it's not long to March!


Slimming for my children
yea thats all good ideas when i am at home i shall do that.

What do people do on their lunch breaks tho?
I work near tottenham court road. and i am sick of lookin in windows at clothes i will be able to wear one day!
Ideas for displacement activity

take in your trainers and some sweats and go power walking each lunch time.
resolve to be more cultural - look around museums art galleries exhibitions etc
go to boots and have a make over at the make up counter
take up knitting/crochet/needlepoint
You should be really proud of putting that food back:patback:

I find lunchtimes hard, but have found a park near us and walk round there. If you wear your pedometer you could try and increase your steps. Not sure how long you have been on LL but you will get CD's and and exercise ball.

If you need an exercise site, there is a brilliant site called sparkpeople where you can log on and get free information on exercise. It is a weight loss site, but they push you towards the conventional way. I intend to use it again for exercise.

Good luck and well done.

Lil K

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lol i have no money to buy anything as its all going on lighterlife.
its a case of What do I do with myself every day? I would join the local gym but I cant afford it! Its so so hard.

I go into WHSmiths and flick through the magazines (naughty I know, by half of it is recycled 'news' and pictures anyway). I also browse around the clothes shops looking at the things I want to buy when I am at target. At the same I'm also getting a bit of not too strenuous exercise with walking about :)


Strong women stay slim
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yes LL does cost around 66 a week which you are paying for surrport , do you need that surrport ? i heard taht you had to sign up for i think 3 months ?
there is CD which is 36 approx a week and you get surrport with your CDC and here .

Deb G

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We don't have to sign up for a 3 month period, so you can leave when you want if you would prefer CD to LL.

Well done for putting the food pack - you've made a GIANT leap forward just by that single act. I'm struggling at present because I am near goal, and I got some good advice yesterday to take each single day at a time and not worry about the past or future.

I woke this morning with this attitude and I am breezing through today, whereas yesterday I felt like eating the entire contents of Tesco by 11am. I agree with the power walking at lunchtime - you'll improve REALLY quickly and you're spending your time improving your health and maximising your potential weightloss. WHat better way is there to spend time than that?


Happily pro pointing!
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is there a library near by? you could go there and read for free and keep warm.

That was a major achievement putting the baguette back, what will power. Well done!

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