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*Stupid question alert*

No such thing as a stupid question!!

In the bar we make it by shaking milk with ice cubes and adding a shot of espresso.

So it's basically ice cold milk and a bit of coffee, but mix the coffee into a paste with a teeny bit of hot water first xxx


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Quick Iced Coffee

Brew a pot of fresh coffee using 3 to 4 tablespoons of dark-roasted ground coffee per cup.
Add sugar to the hot coffee if you would like to sweeten the whole pot of coffee; it will dissolve more easily in hot coffee than in iced coffee.
Fill tall, plastic (not glass!) glasses with ice cubes and pour the hot coffee over them.

(Obv as SWers we wouldnt add sugar!)

I googled that - but basically make coffee and pour coffee over some ice! Dunno if thats right - just thought Id look out of interest xxx
If it is a latte type coffee then cold milk on ice with a shot or two of espresso (or very strong intense instant) - just as blue grapefruit said For an americano type of coffee then just as rainbow said!!!
For a mocha mix the chocolate with the coffee shot and pour this over cold iced milk (more syns there though but really satisfying and can be done with highlights)


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OH MY GOODNESS I am literally salivating - thank you so so much for those yummy yummy suggestions, I can't wait for tomorrow to try it out!!!!!!!

Thanks guys!

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
can i add a stupid question non SW related now that Sarah has started this thread? well im going to anyways nur.

its my friends birthday in September and every year we do something stupid for it, on his :-

25th - 25 different Pubs & 25 diferent Drinks
26th - stayed up drinking for 26 Hours
27th - asked 27 people to give us 27 Tasks
28th - walked 28 miles & drank 28 cans

so any ideas for 29th birthday task, can be as stupid and far out as you like



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Im thinking for ya! xxx

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
So far:-
Other people suggestion:-
how about 29 drinks in 29 different places. town villages combine the drinking in diff pubs with ur walking, and if u dont do it in time u may be staying awake for 29 hrs

how about wearing 29 different tops when u go out stu likes dressing up

29 different cocktails in 29 different villages

go around town doing 29 different random acts of kindness for 29 random people

raise £29 for charity in 29 different pubs

my suggestions:-

29 mile bike ride in fancy dress stopping at every pub

knock on number 29 of 29 streets tell them what we are doing as see if we can get a birthday drink out of the people that live there.

In fancy dress obtain29 items of clothing from 29 people in pubs and were them


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I cant get the link to work x

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
Right then...29th Birthday sorted...now for halloween...

what can i go as?

im currently a small size 14 verging on a 12...hope to be a 12 by October....so any suggestions, any at all, no matter how 'out there'.

i have been in the past:-

angel of death
vampire bride
corpse bride
angel kicked out of heaven

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