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stupid question of the day

No need to par boil, just chuck em on on a reasonably high heat (around 200C, gas mark 6/7) with a liberal spray of fry light.

Personally, the only veg I par boil is potatoes - shake them around in the colander to get some rough edges to crisp up. All other veg goes straight in - add some mixed herbs or spices if you want pep things up.

The part I miss though from pre SW days is getting loads of oil and getting it really hot so the potatoes sizzle when you put them in - Frylight doesnt really have the same effect, but they still come out okay.


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The answer from Mandy, really puts my "launch it in the oven" cooking advice to shame doesn't it lol. Can you tell that im a bloke lol xx
Hmmmm I did carrots and courgette. The courgette went all watery and gross lol. Carrots were good though! Love the 'launch in the oven' idea lol
We did roast vegetables at the weekend, to make my sister's pasta bake. We did aubergines, courgettes, peppers, shallots, mushrooms and butternut squash. Cut into chunks, put on a baking tray, sprayed with Frylight, in a hot oven until nice and charred around the edges.

It is a good idea to cook them in a dish that is not too deep. A shallow metal dish is best. If the dish is deep, then it can create a more steamy atmosphere and things don't brown so well.

And never feel ashamed for asking questions! How else will you find out about the things you don't know? The only shame would be in remaining ignorant about something because you couldn't be bothered to ask.


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I ditto Avisk!! No question is a silly question!! It's much better to ask questions and gain knowledge that way!! We can all try and make it up, mess it up and learn the hard way, but sometimes asking for help just makes life sooo much easier!! High five!!X

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