SW and IBS


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Hi all,

Just wondering if there are any slimming worlders out there who also suffer from IBS. I've had it for some time but it seems to have got worse since I started slimming world about a month ago, I'm wondering if there is something in the diet that maybe triggering it? My doctor has put me on meidcation to trial but doesnt seem to be working.
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I found the same thing. It's probably down to all the extra fibre from the fruit and veg!

Unfortunately, that means there isn't much that can be done :(

I'm presuming you mean needing to 'go' more often and extra wind? Sorry for TMI!


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I have IBS and on medication as well, but it has to get a blance as it is up and down as my emotions are like that, which effect my IBS. I have had the whole problem most of life but only itenfied last year with the help of my OH as I am not got the skills to express my difficulties or even be a where their is a problem. I find carbs can be a problem around a difficult patch and I try and reduce them :)

With IBS it can work both ways where you go toilet frequently or you don't go toilet frequently. Some days I don't go for a week and other days I am sitting on the toilet, grrrr!


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My ibs has gotten progressivly worst since starting sw but........ i curbed my intake of dairy and also my tummy is getting used to it now, I think its the big increase in fiber tbh as well its been a huge jump. Plan is still awesome and i'm not going off plan but i might have to go back to the doctors until it decides to calm down again


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I suffer from IBS and I've noticed that my triggers are stress and very high fat foods (such as takeaways) - which I've cut out now so my IBS is a lot more under control. I drink 2 litres of water, which helps a lot and I think the fibre in this plan has been helping too. I've tried all sorts of medication but Spasmanol works the best! It's so effective, I love it :)

Maybe you could ask for spasmonal About Spasmonal - it helps relax spasms and the bloating. As for triggers, if you keep a food diary and notice you have IBS one day...make a note and see when it is happening more frequently.