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Sw and ibs

I do, but the last time I got into SW it cleared up amazingly! When I had a weekend off I got so ill because I'd managed to retrain my body and was ruining all my good work!


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just finding everything so hard at mo, ibs flared up, eating rubbish
My ibs is triggered by bread and pizza and anything with lots of gluten and wheat so it is very well controlled by the SW plan.

My acid reflux is also much better and I think that is due to losing weight and not eating massive portions!
Ment to say I have taken ibs meds for years and have now stopped them in the last month.
I have had a very bad week of extreme ibs pains. Haven't had a flare up for a long time, but as I started Slimming World 2 weeks ago my food has changed a lot.

Not sure if the diet caused this flare up but I had to come off the diet for a day to feel better. I'm back on the Slimming World plan now and hopefully it won't cause me any more flare ups of the ibs cos I really wanna stick to it.


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When I had a weekend off I got so ill because I'd managed to retrain my body and was ruining all my good work!
I TOTALLY had this too!! My IBS has been pretty good since I started the diet but I had one day off plan a couple of weeks ago and it resulted in the worst IBS attack I've ever had :( I was so ill for 2 days, the cramps were horrendous, I had to miss my WI because of it!

Anyway, I did a lot of research into it all afterwards and have found two things that are meant to really help with IBS symptoms. First is a probiotic tablet taken daily and the second is called psyllium husk. Its not the nicest thing to take (I put it in a spoonful of yoghurt and chase it down with loads of liquid) BUT it's already making a massive difference in just a few days. I suffer badly from constipation (which then turns the other way!) and this has made such a difference already, before my first two doses I hadn't been in 4 days and suddenly I'm going 1-2 a day! Brilliant stuff and very cheap, I got mine from an ebay seller.

This is actually a very good diet to follow for IBS due to the high fruit and veg/fibre you are encouraged to have. I'm hoping that the above will help for times I don't stick to the straight and narrow though :p


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My IBS seems to be really bad lately :(

At the moment i'm reading a book calles Irritable bowel solutions by Professor John Hunter. I'm keeping a diary of my urm movements shall we say!

My doctor thinks i'm lactose intolerant as well, but i'm not so sure. Milk and cream have me in agony but i'm ok with cheese??!! I know cucumber and green peppers are definate no no's, and too much lettuce also has me doubled over. I'm hoping that following this book might point me in the right direction - it has very good reviews and i dont seem to be getting anywhere with my doctor!

Helen xx


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There is ins support group on Internet, I found Buddhism great, also cheese has lower lactose content that milk due to ageing process, I'm lactose and dairy intolerant and have ibs d
i suffer from IBS and acid reflux as well.
im on meds for both on a daily basis. im hoping weight loss will help the reflux to disappear. it really is depressing, and limits what i can do exercise wise.
im hoping change in diet, and weight loss will help with the cramps, bloating and acid in the back of my throat :(
i used to me on meds for ibs, took myself off them tho, i am currently, touch wood, ok, fav fruit is mango which is a safe food for ibs, not had flare up since last time i was naughty

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