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Sw food diary


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I have a 2011 diary I got for Xmas that I use purely for my food diary. It's the absolute perfect size and I am loving the fact I keep it all together.....2011 is the year I am going to crack this food diary lark as I never did it consistently last year at all....and so far with doing this I see way more consistent losses :)


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I have an A5 2011 diary which let's me track everything that I eat. I also write my weekly weigh ins in there. Started it this year and its nice to track the number of days/ weeks I've followed SW


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If you are a group member then you have access to an online food diary on the SW website


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I've also only started keeping one this year, and also use a diary I was gifted :)x
It's been an enlightening thing for me. I always thought I didn't use very many syns - now I KNOW I don't, but I make a point of having a can of beer, or hot chocolate at bedtime or whatever, when I tot up my syns for the day so far :) It feels gooood lol
Also, some days I barely eat, but when my diary looks bare, I make a point of having some fruit or whatever, to make it look a little healthier lol I am often guilty of not using my HExs, but since keeping the diary, I feel bad if I haven't got my HEx detailed in the wee 'notes' section at the bottom! And, yes, when I'm thinking of having something syn laden, I probably think thrice now, as I check my diary, and don't want to have to write 'a zillion' syns at the end of the day lol Best of all, my diary is for my eyes only, so I can also note down time of the month, busy body magic days - and lard ass lazy days lol I'm hoping that, in time, I can figure out why and when I lose weight fastest - and will replicate those weeks!
Yup, I am glad of the nudges I was given, towards me keeping a diary :)
I've surprised myself to find I actually enjoy keeping track!


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I do SW "at home" so I fill in my online food diary. If I'm not on the site for a bit I'll just jot down my food on a post-it note or something and transfer it later, so I don't forget anything!


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I have a diary i keep it all in and I copy it onto my diary on this site too :)


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I've got an excel spreadsheet in work so I can keep tab of my syns and autosum them every few days :D

I put down everything I eat at each meal so I will be able to look back on it and look at good weeks or menu ideas whenever I feel the need.

I also enter my daily food on another forum and the very kind SWers check it for me :D


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Like others, I keep a note of what I've consumed and then record it in the online diary.

May not work for others, but ir does for me.


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get a small ring binder and a hole punch.. or some A5 pouches...


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I am a humungous geek so I keep everything on a spreadsheet, one for each month. It automatically tells me how much exercise I still need to do and how many syns I have left for each week. I plan the whole week out on it, on a Friday night, and change it as needed as the week goes on. And then, because I'm not going to a group, I post my diary every day on here. It does actually help me not go nuts. :)