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SW referral from GP


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There is a section on the website for health professionals. It has information on the referral scheme and your GP would need to contact SW about setting up a scheme in their area.I get the feeling it's not something they can choose to do for a single patient but has to be an organised and affiliated scheme covering a practice or area.
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My consultant called into my GP's and saw the practice nurse the one day that we were out doing a leaflet drop. She was given all the information about it etc and I know of several people, myself included that have since been and got the countdown vouchers from her.

It is not only in your interest to get the vouchers but also the GP's and the HA because in the long run it will save the HA money if people are able to get the vouchers and lose weight.

When I went to see our practice nurse, I took my SW red/green book so that she was able to see that I have been attending class. You need to have a bmi of 30 or more. I got weighed to just check my weight against my book and that was that.

Why not speak to your consultant and see if she can arrange to visit the GP or practice nurse to give them some more information etc. It worked for my consultant,myself and my friends so you never know it may work for yours and you.

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I've heard of this scheme but I'm afraid I don't know of anyone who has actually been able to use this - I feel it's a great idea though!

When I was at my heaviest I asked my GP if he could refer me but he didn't know anything about it at all - he referred me to a dietician which was about 20 miles away from home, but all that happened was that they sent me out a leaflet about healthy eating! There was nothing else available to me at all through the doctor!

I reckon that your Slimming World Consultant would be able to give you more information about this - if you haven't started going to SW yet, maybe a phone call to her / him might point you in the right direction when approaching your GP?

Best o'luck with this!

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