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SW target

My consultant asks us all to set our own target. I'm 5 foot 5 and mine is 147 (or at least it is atm - may change when I get there!). The advice I was given is that it should be within a health BMI ideally (so for me i think it's between about 8 stone 10 and 10 stone 10) although it isn't compulsory for you to set it as this. Don't think you're allowed to go below a healthy weight, but you could set it as higher. I guess it depends how you feel at a given weight. If you set a target and reach it, you have to keep within 3lb either side. If you want to then set a lower target, it has to be at least 7lbs below the previous one.
Hope this helps (and that I've got it about right) x
Thanks giblet:) It was the people who weighed me who put my interim target in my book which turned out to be 1/2lb less than what I said. My C has never mentioned targets. I can't imagine me ever getting to the lower weight for my height.
There is a guide in the booklet you get in the starter pack called "Choose Success" that has the lowest acceptable target weight, its on page 25. For someone of 5ft5 the lowest is 8st 8lb and for 5ft 6 its 8st12, so the lowest you could set it would be 8st 10. On the next page, is a BMI style chart to show healthy ranges and the highest for your height is roughly (its quite small) about 10st 10lb or thereabouts. So setting your target somewhere between those two would be where you would be aiming for!

There is no official maximum level, but if you went under your acceptable minimum level by 4lb, you would have 4 weeks to get back to the minimum or your membership would be withdrawn. It doesnt say what happens if you go more than 4lb under.
My C set my 10% target and told me i could choose my own target, I have set my target as 11 4lbs which is a weight that i feel suits me - but it is probably at the top end (or slightly above) the correct weight for my height - do you have an idea of what you aiming for?
Ooh, I don't know Donna:confused: I've never been one for weighing myself as when I was doing WW years ago I obsessed about it all the time. I think I might set it for 9 1/2 stone once I've got to my 10% and see how it goes from there as I don't want to fall into the trap of obsessing again. Like everyone else says though SW doesn't feel like a "diet" so touch wood that shouldn't happen.
I have not set an end target yet and the BMI guidelines look too low for me. I cant ever remember being 10 stone and so will just see how it goes and carry on with each mini target of reaching the next sticky.

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