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SW to WW?


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OK - so how many of us are there that have switched from SW to WW? And why the change?

I was a very keen SWer for a long time losing 2 stone in total with them but stuck at the same weight for ages so gave up.

Luckily I have managed to stay around the same weight but now would like to lose that pesky half stone (actually would love to drop a whole stone but being realistic about it!)

Not joined a class at the moment, hoping that I can do this with a little minimins support!
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Hi Lindam and welcome to ww

I did well on sw a few years back losing 5 stone, but couldnt lose any more as hadnt really learnt anything. I was still bingeing on free foods and had no portion control at all. After a few personal problems I put back on all the weight I had lost plus another 2 stone after losing my mum last year.

On the plus side since restarting ww I have lost the 2 stone I put on after losing mum so feeling great about that. I'm learning to control my portions and am enjoying eating anything I want but within my points total. So for me ww is the way to go.

Good luck


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:) well done vanda on your great loss, like yourself, one of the things need to do is control my portion size, which, looking more in ww,is what i'm aiming for(does that make sense):D


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I did SW a few years ago and switched to WW that time because i couldnt control the portion sizes and stopped losing weight after my first 7lb!!
I'm a seasonal dietter :p

I lost 4 stone on SW, thought I could go it alone, so stopped the classes. About 14 months down the line, I had regained about a stone and a half, so started WW to try and boost me in the right direction again. Portion control was a god send in the winter!! I lost a bit, despite christmas and birthdays and whatnot.

Now it's the summer months, I want salads and veggies and fish... so I've gone back to SW for now, including a class, as all that food is "free" on both plans, well, the fish isn't on WW, but you know what I mean. I personally get in a bad habit of "must eat 26 points"... fill up on cheese sandwiches!! as most of my food is zero points.

Any plan works, so long as you stick to it.
And avoid 63 cheese sandwiches a day :p


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I moved from SW because I never lost weight with them. I kept gaining weight :/
I agree with the others. I too did SW a while ago and lost some weight but it didn't change my eating habits and I found the combinations of food and red/green days were hard to fit into my lifestyle (e.g. eating out). I switched to WW yesterday and so far am really enjoying it (I know it's only 2 days though so will see how I go). I think SW is a 'diet' whereas WW can be a change for life as nothing is off-limits. Hope that helps and good luck! :)


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I have to agree that SW does not teach portion control... I could eat plate after plate of pasta, rice or SW chips!!


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Hi, i have just switched back to ww today after spending 3 months on sw and losing 4lbs on my second week and nothing else!!
No idea why i wasn't losing as i really followed it to the letter and was doing an hours swimming or gym 4 or 5 times a week. I can only assume it was down to my portion sizes,although most of the things i was eating were free.
Anyway like Vanda i lost 5 stone a couple of years ago with ww but have put it, and more, back on :(
So i am back to counting points and hoping for a loss the week!


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I swing over to following sw now and again as I am maintaining. When I? get fed up counting points, I swing over to sw so that I am still following a plan. I def prefer ww though in general. Its just that now and again I get fedup counting, but deep down I know its for life, and well worth it.


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i'm joining WW tomorrow, i've been doing SW since sept 09. I lost a stone before Christmas, but nothing since - just been playing with the same 3lbs for the last 5 months.

Portion control is definitely where SW lacks for me. It's far too easy for me to overeat.

In the past, i've lost more weight and had a more consistent weightloss with WW, so i'm hoping i have the same result this time!!


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I did WW for a long time a few years ago before taking a break, having a baby and half heartedly joining various slimming clubs in the interim.

I joined SW earlier this year and did well for a few weeks then had a bank holiday, fell off the wagon and couldn't get back on it again.

I also find SW bloody expensive for having to buy so much free food all the time.

I have now switched to WW because I feel for me personally I can fit the plan into my life rather than fitting my life into the plan IYSWIM.


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It really is true that you're either a WWer or a SWer- if one doesn't work, the other one will! I did SW for about a year but the last few months I stayed the same weight cuz I didn't know how to control what I was eating. The reason I was so fat was cuz I was greedy, but being able to eat all the quorn, pasta, potato, beans and egg made me learn nothing. On a Friday I'd have two large potatoes fried in frylight, half a tin of beans, two quorn bacons, two eggs, then a slice of toast for healthy extra. That is a blimmin' big meal, and all I had to keep count of was the bread! In all I lost a stone. A whole stone. In a year.

Needless to say, it all went back on. Did WW myself using online tools for a while, then told my boyfriend about it and he paid for me to do it all online. Even when I had a week off during holiday and put on 8lbs it was so easy to get back into it. I stopped dieting properly for a while (tried the unhealthy approach) and all it did was make me put on those 8 holiday lbs again and an extra 5 for good measure.

Been back on the diet for two weeks, and I'm feeling great already.


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Thankyou sooooooo much. Just browsing and thinking what shall I start sw or ww. Done sw before and was ok but I need to learn portion control for life! sw is attractive because of the lack of portion size but not sure it will help me change my ways forever. Will be my first ever ww diet and am very nervous about learning everything! needed to start, but will do it!
Thankyou everyone on this thread for helping me make up my mind, exactly the right discussion at exactly the right time. Ta x

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