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SW - What's Involved?


I found SW when browsing around the library looking for recipe books - I picked up SW's Free Foods book, thought the recipes looked good and brought it home... and now I'm interested in joining!

I'll probably have to join online as there are no meetings near me that are practical to get to, so I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what's involved before I hand over my money? The book is slightly out of date, I think, and these things are always changing (I keep reading about HE here, which isn't in the book, and I'm not sure what that is), so what are the "rules" at the moment?

I'm vegetarian - so will I be on green days (do they even still have those?!) only?

Thanks in advance! :D
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HE stand s for Healthy Extra - you are allowed 1-2 Healthy A options (these are things like milk and cheese) then you can have 2 Healthy B options which can vary from cheese, tinned fruit, to meat (but you won,t need that). Green days are the best if you are vegetarian as the Red days are mainly meat orientated. I am not veggie but prefer green days as you can have unlimited pasta, jacket potatoes, cous cous which I really like. Good luck with it and welcome to the forum.


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Hi welcome to the forum. You really need to get all the info direct from SW either online or at a meeting as it can sound quite complicated at first when really it's not! Once you have all the info we can help you with everything else! x


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welcome to our world, I agree with what Taz said, it does sound complicated but once you get onto it you'll love it Im sure xxx
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I agree, it does sound complicated and it's much easier once you have a book in front of you!

It's good for you if you
a) Like your food.
b) hate weighing and measuring everything to count calories/points.
c) Forgo fruit because you would rather spend your cals / points on 'treats' (you can eat as much fruit as you like on the plan).
d) are prepared to make meals from scratch - sound scary, but how long does a chicken breast with some bacon wrapped round it, take to make?

Have a look on the SW website, or buy the magazine from the supermarket and have a read. They have some sample menus in there too, as well as the obligatory success stories!

Good luck, with whatever you decide x
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Actually, I'll elaborate!

You have green days and red days where certain foods are free.

For example: Green days, you can have unlimited amounts of rice, pasta and potatoes.

On Red days you can have unlimited amounts of lean meat and fish.

On both days there are unlimited free foods - for example fruit, vegetables, eggs, quorn.

You also have to have "Healthy Extras". You have 1 or 2 choices from the A menu, which is calcium (so, milk or cheese). The B menu is fibrous items, so wholemeal bread, cereals.

However on a green day, when meat is not free, the B menu also gives you some measured meat allowances (example 85g ham), and ditto, on a red day, you can have a 225g jacket potato, if you chose to.

Then you are allowed between 10-15 syns per day. There is an online calculator when you join up where you can calculate how many syns is in an item. My Leader told us when we first join up to make sure we have the full 15, as we might need to reduce them the closer to target we get.

Hope this helps./

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